Spring 2004 

      Vol. 4   



 "The Federal Marriage Amendment and the Unraveling of Marriage

Barbara Collins 

Shall we let the politicians scrap with one another about the Federal Marriage Amendment?  After all, they are experienced and seasoned, and they know the way government runs.  Do you?  If not, why not?  Have you forgotten all about that civics class you took?  Wait a minute!  Where’s the voice of the church?  Listen now; do you hear it? Faintly, the sounding brass and clanging cymbal is heard.  Where’s the melody?  Where’s the harmony?

How did marriage get embroiled into politics?  The same way abortion did—through our system of government, in general, and the courts, in particular.  Will we stand idly by merely to see what happens?  Or, will we cause something to happen?  We can if we listen to the call the Lord quickened to us through Pat Joyce, “Rise up you women who are at ease, and hear my voice; Give ear to my word, you complacent daughters.”  Isaiah 32:9 (NASB).  Get up!  Get up off those couches of complacency and agree with God’s Word that “marriage is honorable among ALL, and the bed undefiled . . .” Hebrews 13:4.  Does God’s establishment of the marriage covenant mean anything to you?  Genesis 2:24.

It is one thing to believe in a set of principles concerning marriage, and it is quite another to take action to preserve those principles.  Is the sacred, covenantal foundation of marriage according to God’s Word worth defending?  Will we sit idly by and allow four, pro-homosexual, activist judges in Massachusetts to mandate legalization of same-sex marriages?  Will we continue to languish on our beds of ease while these judges and other elected officials seize control illegally and ignore centuries of law and tradition as well as biblical morality?

Where is the outcry and outrage at the mayor of San Francisco who issued some 4,000 “marriage” licenses to homosexual couples in defiance of California state law?  Shouldn’t he be prosecuted for his anarchist actions rather than praised by the media?  Does the overwhelming majority who desire to protect the institution of marriage deserve a voice?

Support of the amendment isn’t an attempt to deprive homosexuals of any of the legal protections they currently enjoy.  Instead, the purpose is to prevent runaway courts from creating out of nowhere new "rights" that would prove detrimental to society. 

The opponents ask this question, which misses the mark entirely, "How does gay marriage threaten heterosexual marriage?" The underlying aim of gay activists is to revise national policy to say that gender, especially in child-rearing, is not important, even though research shows that children do best when raised by a married mother and father. Gay marriage has never been a constitutional right in America -- or any other civilized nation. 

This aggressive campaign to change marriage from what it's always been can be defeated -- but only if all of us stand up in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment.  

Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, says the amendment is about to die in committee because “most members of Congress simply don’t want to deal with this issue, either because they support homosexual marriage or they fear a backlash from the homosexual community.

Dying in committee accomplishes exactly what those who support homosexual marriage want. They will leave it to an un-elected judge to declare homosexual marriage legal. That will keep Senators and Representatives from having to go on record for or against, which is exactly what they want.”  Want to tell your congressman or senators what you think?  Don’t know who they are?  Go to and contact them!

Oswald Chambers wrote, “Never allow a feeling which was stirred in you in the high hour to evaporate.  Don’t put your mental feet on the mantelpiece . . . Act immediately.  Do something . . . If God has shown you something to do, don’t say—‘I’ll do it.’  Do it!!”  Want to join me?


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Hi Everyone:

We told you in the last issue  that we were in the process of producing a beautiful new reformatted edition of God's Word to Women by Katharine Bushnell but were in need of additional funding.  

We have good news.  We found a printer who gave us a far more reasonable quote than the original.  With funds in hand we hope to go to press in late June or early July.  

God continues to pour out his favor.  Sheila Nevinczenko, a professional graphic designer from Colorado, has designed our cover and donated her services.  If any of you have need of a graphic designer, remember her.  She can be contacted at

With great anticipation we look forward to the new edition.  
                  Gay, Barbara and Pat


This newsletter is dedicated to the more than 300 women that have been slain in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico since 1993.  In 94 of these cases, investigators have found evidence suggesting involvement of a serial killer or killers.  Most of those victims were sexually assaulted by more than one man, tortured, killed and then buried in shallow desert graves.  Mexican federal investigators are pursuing leads as they attempt to link a gang of drug traffickers and corrupt police officers with serial killings of local women.  A U. S. official said, “In Juarez, you’re looking at state and local corruption that is unimaginable.”  However, now people are finally speaking up and are pointing fingers at police as suspects in both the drug violence and the killing of women.”  

Taken from an article in The Dallas Morning News, April 22, 2004.  Read reports on the border killings on 

Rise Up and Get Busy

by Pat Joyce

This morning as I prayed about a topic for the newsletter I was reminded of the scripture,  “Rise up you women who are at ease, and hear my voice; Give ear to my word, you complacent daughters.  Isaiah 32:9 (NASB) These women were complacent, desiring  to feel secure and trusting, when life as they knew it was about to end.  Their trust and security were in natural circumstances rather than God.  

So what does that have to do with us?  I believe that God is saying, “Wake up!  You are living in a time similar to theirs.”  We say that we trust, but if we really get honest our trust is often in financial security.   In the past few years many have found their carefully planned futures collapse with the market, a company bankruptcy, the loss of a job, illness or a combination of a these factors.  No security exists outside of God.

Jesus said that the time of His return would be like the days of Noah--dark times when men turned away from God.  Are we complacent as watch society disintegrating into Godless darkness?  Are we at ease in our personal peace and prosperity, ignoring the Lord’s warning?

As Christians, we say we are God’s servants, actually His bond slaves.  Do our lives reflect our words?  If He returned today, would we receive His blessing?  He created each of us for a specific purpose.   We must not be complacent.  No one is exempt from His call   While our whole lives are a witness, it is the responsibility of each individual to seek Him to find their particular area of service as part of the body of Christ.  

God never intended for us to rely solely those in “the ministry” to do His work.  Ministry is not confined to those who make their living in God’s service.  Jesus ministers through all willing Christians.  He said go into all the world, but He told them to start right where they were.  Where are you?  OK, start there.   

A few weeks ago I attended the funeral of an old friend.  The service was full of those had been touched by her life.  She never sought the spotlight, but she served whenever and wherever she saw the need.  Taking people to the doctor, cleaning a house, cooking for a family in need, running the kitchen for those who had lost a loved one, with innumerable acts of kindness, she showed forth the love of God.   She was created for this ministry, and she filled it with joy. 

The December 2003 issue of Charisma is filled with stories of individuals who are using their “talents”  in the service of God. God can use our secular training and natural abilities for His purposes.  He shows us what He would have us do and then places His anointing on our offering 

  I learned to do websites as part of a business venture with my husband.  Although God sent a man to teach me, he took what I learned and used it for the kingdom.  I worked as a teacher, administrator and grant-writer and God is using these gifts also.  While He has blessed and anointed these ministries, I believe there is something more to be done.  It is up to me to seek Him not only for direction, but also for confirmation of His calling.  

Gwen Shaw wrote a wonderful article where she tells of never feeling fulfilled even though she was serving God as a missionary.  Why?  Because being a missionary was not the call God had on her life.  It was only when she found and fulfilled His call that the abundant life and fulfillment God promises became hers.

Stop right here and ask the Lord to show you where He would use you.  Don’t worry about making a wrong choice.  Proverbs 16:9 tells us that “a man's heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps."  Opportunity abounds.  Think outside the box.  Go beyond the church building.  Remember, individuals are the church, not structures.    We are His body in this world.  If we do not go, the job may go undone.  Ask for His eyes to see the world around you.  Pray for His direction, and don’t be afraid to step out.   





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