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By Barbara Collins 

Actually, both in two separate actions.  Why do so many people get mixed up and say "created" and "formed" mean the same thing?  Could the reason be they don't know the Hebrew language, the original language in which the Old Testament was written, uses two different words, one for "created" and another for "formed"?  "Bara" is the Hebrew for "created" and means to call into existence something out of nothing, whereas "formed" is "yatsar" or “asah” and means to form or fashion something out of materials already existing; to elaborate, develop, or enhance; to squeeze into shape, or to mold as a potter; a process in addition to creation. 

Man and woman were created simultaneously, for the word “man” in Genesis 1:26 and 27 actually means “mankind” or “humankind” and is confirmed by saying, “male and female created he them.”  However, man and woman were “formed separately, “man” in Genesis 2:7 and “woman” in Genesis 2:22.  We get a clear understanding of I. Timothy 2:13 which reads, “For Adam was first formed, then Eve.”

Eve wasn’t made from Adam’s rib, but from his side.  How could we be so unscientific to say that Eve was made from a single bone taken out of Adam?  If we leave the translation as “rib,” then Adam could only have said, “This is now bone of my bones . . .” He couldn’t say also, “and flesh of my flesh” unless “side” was used as the correct word.  Why have we accepted an unscientific fable taken out of rabbinical lore?  Why don’t we stick with what the Bible says that God took one of Adam’s sides, or one part of his being, and “builded” Woman?

Then, is Genesis 5:2 that says God called “their name Adam” accurate? No!  I don’t care what translation you use, but I do care that you apply some common sense to this capitalization.  It is correct only when it says “adam,” with a little “a” instead of “Adam” with a capital “A.”  With a little “a” adam then means man and woman.  If we put it, as the translators say, with a capital “A” for “adam” then we prove that multiplied translations too often become multiplied error. Genesis 2:24, along with Ephesians 5:31-33, becomes God’s original intention in the creation account.  In the marriage relationship, He brings them again into oneness and unity just like he originally created them and truly they become “one flesh.”   

By Gay Anderson

“Rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice!” We've so many reasons to rejoice, but let's focus on the revelation knowledge God has given, causing us to see He created them male and female simultaneously. As Barbara’s article, “Was the Human Race Created or Formed?” points out from I Timothy 2:13: "Adam was first formed, then Eve." 

Should this scripture not end the age-long debate and controversy concerning who is most important, who's going to be "in charge", who will sit at His right hand, and on and on? Our omniscient God knew the question would surely arise, so He settled it by creating mankind simultaneously! Oh, the wisdom of our Creator, and He makes that wisdom made known through His church.  

Are we grateful for the inspiration through the Apostle Paul wherein he tells us that in Christ there is no male or female? If any one be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creature, therefore the Apostle Paul wrote: ". . . henceforth we know no man after the flesh." (II Cor.5:16) We are to walk as spirit beings led by the Spirit of God, hallowing His name, and discerning the members of His Body. 

There need be no competition between any of us in the Body of Christ, for we are instructed in Colossians 1:18 that Christ must be preeminent in all things.

Our Lord's desire is for His people to reflect Him in their walks, provoking one another to love and good works, for love always builds up another. 

How graciously and beautifully our Lord has gifted and qualified every believer to function within His Body, and we are to minister in the sphere of those giftings. The Apostle Peter told us each one has received a gift, so employ it for one another.   

Are you one of those who say they don't have a gift? According to Romans 12, we each have received one of those gifts which is like the mainstay in a clock. It is called a motivational gift and serves to move us out into ministry. It's what turns us on and makes us "tick"!  Through this particular gift we may exercise all the others for His glory, and great joy and pleasure comes as a result.  We also recognize the Lord at work within our brothers and sisters as they function around us. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God in the now and hereafter.

By Dr. Eddie Hyatt (bio)

I. Again! I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven (Matt. 18:19).

II. In a symphony orchestra there are many different instruments of different sizes, shapes and sounds, just as we, as individuals, are all different and unique.

III. Paul’s most extensive teaching about marriage is found in I Cor. 7:1-16, and here he lays out a model in which each partner has equal rights, responsibility and authority.

IV. When considered in its historical context, Eph. 5:18-33 also presents a model of partnership and mutuality in marriage.

V. The word “submitting” in vs. 21 is from the Greek word hupotasso and in this passage it means to “join together with” or to “identify with.”

VI. The word “head” in this passage is from the Greek word kephale and recent studies have conclusively shown that the word has nothing to do with authority, but refers to the source or origin of something or someone (If this passage was about who is in charge Paul could have used a word like archon which means boss or leader).

VII. In vs. 25 & 33, Paul tells the husband to love or agape his wife, a word that means to love unconditionally and selflessly, i.e., the kind of love that sacrifices its own self-interests for the sake of another.

VIII. We insist on knowing “who’s the boss?” because we have been infected by a culture that is enamored with status, authority and power.

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By Brandon Donnell


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Before I had time to protest, the Spirit of God fell upon me; and I began to weep. Suddenly, a vision appeared in my mind. I began to see the young girls and women of Africa and heard the screams of young girls being forced into FGM. I heard the cries of the African women. My mind scanned across the vast African continent, and my heart was opened to the oppression of women.

I saw them being beaten, sexually abused, discriminated against, and devalued in every way. It was an overwhelming experience that left me shaken. I was barely able to get myself dried up for the next session. I completely shifted gears and focused like a laser upon the men. In Africa, it is culturally acceptable for a man to beat and abuse a disobedient wife. It occurs even among Christians!

We confronted FGM again, and then talked about marriage and how we men should treat our wives. I told the men how valued the women were in God's sight. I asked all the men to come forward. They came to the front of the small church and faced me in a line. I asked them to turn around, get down on their knees, and stretch out their hands to the women, and they did. I told them to repeat after me, "I ask you to forgive me for abusing you and devaluing you." Although they said it, the next line was hard because in African culture women are seen as property, often of the same value as a cow. In fact, women are purchased for cows in many rural villages when men pay the marriage dowry. I told the men to repeat after me, "You are my equal!"


Most believers in the world today are women, and we have oppressed and restricted them in ministry. What if we set them free? On that day next to the lake I knew God was commanding me to fight for equality and stand by our sisters whenever and wherever I can.

Today I am more excited than at any time in my life. We have been called to establish the kingdom of God in the earth. Where He reigns in righteousness, women will be treated with dignity and respect. As a man, it is my desire and mandate from God to help protect and promote women to their highest possible destiny in God!

Will the next 100 years see a dramatic change for the women of the world? If we will obey God, nothing can stop it!

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