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1. Where is the Greatest Excuse for Abuse Found? by Barbara Collins
2.  Bushnell Pictures-  from Gayle Chellis
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In the Bible, mistranslated, of course!  When scriptures are clearly seen in the same light in which they were written, then truly we possess a lamp for our feet along the treacherous path that life becomes.  When scriptures are twisted in such a way that what was originally intended is lost, then the door for profuse abuse swings wide open.  Think of it.  If I can claim scripture for my need to control another individual, then the end justifies the means.  I may pat myself on the back for having overcome racial hatred while nurturing misogyny in my inner man.   Misogyny is simply a hatred of women, especially by a man.

What really happened is those charged with watchcare over the sacred scriptures have allowed them to be manipulated in such a way that man comes off definitely as superior while woman is thrust into the inferior position as a second-class citizen by default, all in the name of the Lord.  Thus, the concept of hierarchy was birthed.  When will divine revelation or the unveiling of Christ be given to the Body of Christ on gender equity? Holy Spirit, where are you in the stripping away of the veil that covers our eyes? Come, Lord, Jesus, come! Come in your accuracy.  Come in your truth.  Come in the equality your servant Paul writes about in Ephesians 6:9—“.  .  . there is no partiality with God.” No favorable treatment.

Yet, man uses this same book of Ephesians where wives are called upon to “submit” to their husbands.  Never mind that the word “submit” is not found in the original Greek language.  Never mind that without it dependence on the previous verse which says, “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ” is mandatory.  What? Submission is actually mutual and voluntary.  When it is reciprocal, it works! Actually, the word “submitting” in v. 22 is grammatically tied to the previous participles which lead us back to the verbal phrase, “be filled with the Spirit” in v. 18 or onward to v. 21.

Also, in Colossians 3:18 "Wives, be supportive of your husbands" instead of "submit" which literally means "to stand under" and suggests subordination, obedience, submission, subservience as well as subjection.   Although error has been multiplied in the proliferation of so many translations of late, Eugene Peterson in his paraphrased version, The Message, gets it right by translating v. 22 as “Wives, understand and support your husbands .  .  .” Now, you have the theological background, and here you’ll find the experiential background in Cheryl McGrath's testimony.

“For the husband is head of the wife AS also Christ is head of the church, .  .  . the body.” What is the meaning of the Greek word for “head”—kephale? Does it mean “superior to” or “one having authority?” Is the husband the “boss” of the family? Not according to the Mickelsens in their article, “The Head of the Epistles.”  In fact, the article concludes: “Can we legitimately read an English or Hebrew meaning into the word “head” in the New Testament, when both context and secular Greek literature of New Testament times seem to indicate that “superior rank” or "authority over" were not meanings that Greeks associated with the word, and probably were not the meanings the apostle Paul had in mind? Has our misunderstanding of some of these passages been used to support the concept of male dominance that has ruled most pagan and secular societies since the beginning of recorded history? Has this misunderstanding also robbed us of the richer, more exalted   picture   of  Christ  that  Paul was trying  to give us?" Let me commend the article to you as you determine whether Paul meant “head” as “the source,” or as “authority over” which is so commonly used in the church today.

Are you still leaning on excuses for abuse that certain translators have misused in their prejudiced translations? Or, has the Holy Spirit quickened your heart, set you free from being a bondwoman to tradition and the law of man, and placed you into the realm of the freewoman? Truly, "there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

What’s Happening
on the Web

We want to call your attention to some outstanding new articles that have recently been put up on the website.  You can always find the latest by clicking on What’s New found at the top of each page.

Women in the New Testament:  A Middle Eastern Cultural View by Dr. Kenneth Bailey.  Dr. Bailey has kindly given permission for us to offer his article, "Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View."   This article was written in 1995.  The truth about God's view of women is not new; it has been clearly stated over and over.  Dr. Bailey, a renowned theologian, shows through careful consideration of scripture that, biblically, no ground for discrimination against women.  It is amazing that in the church, the tradition remains so prevalent.

Remember Maria by Mary Scantlin.  As she worked on her  certification to teach Dr. Susan Hyatt’s course, The Spirit, The Bible and Women, she became aware of the many women who had tremendous ministries  but were seldom mentioned in church history.  Her article on Maria Woodworth-Etter brings at least one of these unknown warriors to our attention.  Mary believes that knowing of those who have gone before will encourage women to act on the call that God has on their lives.

The Sword is Out:  A Strong Response to "Off with the Skirt, On with the Pants" by R. C. Sproul, Jr.  by Alice Whisman.  In her article, Alice Whisman has written a rebuttal to a sermon by Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr. entitled "Off With the Skirt, on With the Pants."  Dr. Sproul may have intended to call men to be serious about their commitment to God and the church and to use their gifts.  However, in the process, his underlying beliefs about the inferiority of women are clearly revealed and found to be unacceptable.

Testimony of Cheryl McGrath  Cheryl has written an anointed and gripping testimony of the road the Lord has used to bring her to her current place in ministry. This formerly quiet, shy, and unremarkable Australian woman, who abdicated her calling for half a life-time, now teaches and equips leaders. She has been an inspiration to GWTW--the Lord's wisdom flows through her words.

The Evangelical Debate over Biblical "Headship"   by Dr. David M. Scholer.  In this scholarly article, Dr. Scholer provides a synopsis of the debate over biblical headship. Much of the Christian literature in the past five years on domestic violence and sexual abuse of women, especially evangelical publications, contains pointed discussions of the relationship between biblical teachings of "male headship" and the reality of abused and battered women. Included are studies on kephale and authentein on the precise points upon which the so-called headship debate rests.

A Time Past Due by Gene Edwards.  Here is Chapter 1 from Gene Edwards' new book, The Christian Woman . . . Set Free.  In his highly readable style, Edwards examines the origins of the negative view of women often found in the Christian church and examines the scriptures used to support this view. GWTW highly recommends The Christian Woman Set Free as an introduction to biblical equality. 

One Flesh by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson. Here's Chapter 5 of the Johnsons' book, Does God Really Prefer Men?  An Open Letter to the Church in America.  The subject of Christian marriage is rarely addressed, even in books on gender equality.  The Johnsons have done a fine job.  Want to know what God thinks about marriage?  Read this article!!  Their book, Does God Really Prefer Men? is available from,, Barnes& and many more outlets.



A Delightful Surprise

Sarah Bushnell MaCaleb and Katharine Bushnell

Shortly after the first of the year, we received an email from Gayle Chellis, stating:  "I am the great-great granddaughter of Sarah Bushnell McCaleb, eldest sister of Katharine Bushnell.  I thought that you may be interested in having a copy of this picture taken of her in California in about 1930.  Katharine is on the right.  I believe I also have a post card sent by Katharine when she was in China.  I can send you a copy of that if you would like."

We immediately responded and she sent us not only the post card, but another picture.  Gayle told us that Sarah and Katharine were very close and lived together for a time in California around 1920. 

As a child, Gayle was told about having an aunt who was a medical missionary to China, but she "did not know until recently that Katharine was a woman of such note."  She also said that "the strength of the Bushnell women has continued to this day.  Each of the women that I know of from the Bushnell line have been or are very strong women."

Gayle told us that she believed that Katharine's birthday was December 5th rather than February 5th.  Also, Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT is named for this branch of the Bushnell family

Until Gayle contacted us, the only picture we had ever seen was the one on the book cover.  Katharine Bushnell has made a dramatic impact on so many lives, and yet we desire to know more of the person behind the teaching.  Thanks to Gayle, we know "Kate" a bit better.

The post card needs to be bigger to be read.  Click on it to link to a page where it is larger and you can read both sides.


Make a Copy to go in Your Book of the



In the last Newsletter, we told you about the work and research that  Rebecca Snyder did to give us a color chart of the Hebrew word teshqua.  The chart was originally done by Katharine Bushnell for her book God's Word to Women.  It traces the use of the word teshqua from the translation "turning"  as it moved to the current translation "desire."  In the original chart, the "Ten Curses of Eve" were partially blocked by a drawing of the Bible.  Rebecca expanded the page so  these curses could be clearly seen.  Seeing the "Ten Curses" helps us  understand the tremendous prejudice against women that influenced the translation of Genesis 3:16.  To see the chart, click here. 


We highly recommend that you make a copy and put it in your GWTW book for future reference.


Reader review of Gene Edwards new book

The Christian WOMAN...Set Free

by Karen Davidenko

This latest by Gene Edwards is a great resource for anyone new to the subject of the biblical equality of men and women in the Kingdom of God. Edwards provides concise and readable information about history, the Bible, and its mistranslations in order to both encourage women and to challenge those who continue to subjugate them. Edwards begins the book with gut-wrenching historical quotes about women, then swiftly guides the reader through facts and revelations on the subject. He rounds his treatise out with suggestions and testimonies of church gatherings that exercise the full freedom of all its members. Fast-paced. 
Purchase at

Book Sale 

From Bondage to Blessing, The Redemption, Restoration and Release of God's Women.  
by Dee Alei

Reduced to $8.00 plus postage

To read a chapter, click here.


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