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Carrie Miles sent God's Word to Women a copy of Male and Female in Christ shortly after she discovered our website.  She requested we review and put it on our recommended list, which we did. Later, Carrie sent us a copy of her new book The Redemption of Love: Rescuing Marriage and Sexuality from the Economics of a Fallen World.  This fabulous book is reviewed in the Summer 2006 Newsletter.

Carrie came to our first "Gathering" held in June of 2006. We wish you could have been there to have heard her share and join in the discussion.  It was fantastic.  At that time she told us of making Male and Female in Christ available to Africa through PDF files but also to more people. This ministry is from Carrie to all of you. Help yourself to the book, and may God richly bless her for her excellent work.

Carrie A. Miles holds a doctorate in social and organization psychology. She is a senior research fellow at the Consortium for the Economic Study of Religion, and is the author of The Redemption of Love: Rescuing Marriage and Sexuality from the Economics of a Fallen World. Carrie's websites are:
www.CarrieMiles.com and www.empowerinternational.org

Laurence R. Iannaccone holds a doctorate in economics and is a professor at George Mason University. They have both studied the role of gender in the Christian church for over thirty years. Carrie and Larry are married (to each other) and have two children.

Linda Ikeda holds a master's degree in marriage and family counseling. She is a licensed marriage, child, and family counselor and is in private practice in Cupertino, California. She has been married for over twenty years to Russell Ikeda. Linda and Russ have two children.

 Male and Female in Christ,
Discover what the Bible really says about Women--and about Men

What's a new millennium-kind of Christian to do?  We believe in the authority of the Bible, but we also believe in the dignity of all persons--male and female in Christ.  This series of Bible studies will help you discover that these beliefs are more than compatible--that in fact the Bible teaches:

  • that God created women not as a "helpmate" for man but as a strength like him . . .
  • the comfort of knowing that God is more than just male...
  • how God designed sex to be a difference that brings us together, not drives us apart. . .
  • how the passages in the writings of Paul that appear to restrict the activities of women in church and in marriage have been distorted to mean exactly the opposite of what Paul intended. . .
  • How Jesus redeems both women and men form restrictions and obligations that keep us from truly being at peace with ourselves--and with each other--and how you can claim that redemption for yourself.

The study is presented in 3 printable sections.  You may print them off and use them for a group or for your own individual study.  This copy was designed for the African church, but it works well for anyone.  Click below to access each section.

You need Adobe PDF Reader to view.  If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader, click here for a free download.

Male and Female in Christ -- Section 1

Male and Female in Christ -- Section 2

Male and Female in Christ -- Section 3

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