Fall 2002 

Vol. 3       Num. 2 

From left to right Linda Miller, Diane Dunne  and Grable Szabo

The Truth Shall Set
You Free!

A report on a special  retreat by Gay Anderson, Pat Joyce and Barbara Collins


Pat Joyce  -- What a retreat!  A room filled with those seeking to proclaim and serve the Lord--their very lives declaring the scope of God's ministry through women. 

Sue is a reluctant speaker in the traditional sense, but she delights and excels in her gift as a facilitator. With the vision that God had given, she guided the retreat offering gems of insight while making spaces so the giftings of others could be displayed.  Eddie’s teachings gave

On November 1-3, the 1st Annual DFW Retreat sponsored by the Int'l Christian Women's History Project (ICWHP) convened at the DFW Airport Hyatt.  

 Facilitators for the event were Eddie and Susan Hyatt and the study topic was women in revival, leadership, ministry, and marriage  To natural eyes it was a small gathering, but in the Spirit, I believe it was a major event.  

The purposes of the retreat were 

1)      TO EDUCATE by personal interaction, formal lectures, testimony, and exhibits/literature.

2)      TO NETWORK LEADERS so as to strengthen individual ministries and to widen influence of each.

3)      TO MOBILIZE SUPPORT through ongoing, active prayer, finances, and personal involvement.

4)      TO PRESENT OPPORTUNITIES for ministry and education through the various RESOURCE MINISTRIES represented.

 The format given to all speakers was to share their testimony, including what portion of the word on biblical equality was the most meaningful to them, as well as how God was using them in ministry.   All were in agreement on three basic points 

1)      The Bible, accurately interpreted, teaches the equality of women with men in terms of substance and value, privilege and responsibility, function and authority.

2)      Historically, the Holy Spirit has always elevated women towards equality with men to the extent that the culture will allow. This has been especially obvious during times of revival. abilities, rather than according to culturally designated, gender-defined roles.

3)  The Bible teaches that men and women are to function in life and ministry according to gifts and abilities, rather than according to culturally designated, gender-defined roles.

Gay Anderson, Barbara Collins and Pat Joyce from God’s Word to Women were honored to be asked to speak.  We shared as a panel about how the website came into being and what we were trying to accomplish through it.  Then each of us gave our individual testimonies.  

Using this format, variety, reality, encouragement, Word, challenge all came through dynamically as people shared their lives.  Tentatively, the Second Annual DFW Retreat is being planned for Nov. 7-9, 2003, you may want to set those dates aside

The rest of this article will be our individual perceptions of a weekend that we will never forget.  For the sake of space, each of us got to share about three of the speakers.  If you want to hear more, tapes are available from Sue at . Later this week, the topics and tape album will be available at on the ICWHP website.  . 

Barbara Collins -- GWTW kicked off the Retreat by telling how we came together in partnership for this website.  If you don’t know that story, click here and find out about the founding of GWTW.  

Each of us was also given an opportunity to share how our attention was personally drawn to biblical womanhood.  Pat’s approach focused on her discovery that God did not consider women second-class in His eyes nor did He intend that they be subservient marriage.  Gay chose to emphasize that God is no respecter of persons--that where His Spirit is, whether carried in male or female vessels, we are at liberty to do whatever He says.  According to the idea of covenant, which is the only legitimate, biblical context for “covering,” He (HIS BLOOD) alone is our "covering".

I shared how I began to examine the leadership model among Southern Baptists who choose to approach the gender question from the complementarian persuasion, which encourages the hierarchy of male authority from their “servant-leader” perspective for husbands in the family relationship as well as in church leadership.  As I looked closely at the eyes at the whys and wherefores of male leadership roles, I concluded that such attitudes could only predominate alongside the concurrent heretical belief of subordination in the Godhead.  Such twisted thinking denies the equality of the Trinity.

Cindy Parton – Cindy quoted Dick Mills who said, “Get your credit cards paid off and get a passport.  It’s time to get rid of the extra weight and the unnecessary.  She challenged us to not pollute the water where we drink.  She reminded us that God is ready to offend your mind to reveal your heart.  God has placed Cindy and her husband Bob in the DFW Metroplex to facilitate revival.  The River Center has been meeting for over 7 years weekly in their home. We were blessed by her ministry in a time of soaking prayer.

Eddie Hyatt spoke about Ephesians 5:18-21 and the characteristics of a Spirit-filled marriage according to the five participles in those verses—speaking, singing, making melody, 

giving thanks, and submitting yourselves.  Then, he talked about the reasons why this passage is not

about whose the boss.  He pointed out that verse 22 is part of the submission of v. 21—the same submission that all members have to one another.  Then, he quoted Bauer on vv. 21 & 22 which said it can’t mean a “coming over” but rather a mutual joining together.  He concluded by stating the need to move from gender-determined roles to Spirit-led functions.  You can order Who’s the Boss for $5 from Eddie at  

Marie Brown Marie is a Missionary/Evangelist and teacher whose consuming passion is to build God’s Kingdom—and He’s using her to do it!  This dynamic lady shared of being told that Bible School was a good place for women to find a husband and for men to prepare for ministry.  She rejected their advice and instead took that of Jesus, GO and PREACH the Good News!  She does so around the world.  Marie shared copies of her newsletters, On Freedom’s Wings which is a missions publication and My Sister’s Keeper, which is about the status of women around the world.  To get on the list write  They are fantastic!

The Lord gave Sue two scriptures for the retreat that stressed the Lord’s desire to give us HOPE.

The Lord’s lovingkindesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning.  Therefore, I have HOPE in Him.  The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, to the person who seeks Him  Lamentations 3:22-25

I am the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth…those who HOPE in Me will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.  Isaiah 40 28-31

Certainly, He used this time for that purpose.  

 Gay Anderson -- Jesus wants our lives to produce much good fruit that will remain. I believe we experienced that at the retreat.

The weekend I encountered was too awesome for me to articulate. As Pat and I drove home, we were awe struck by the love and total acceptance lavished upon the three of us from God's Word to Women! Surely this was another little foretaste of heaven divine! The instant unity we tasted was like a balm flowing to each of us. There was much laughter, singing, worship! Tears flooded my eyes throughout the retreat as I listened to the Spirit and watched our Lord move among us. Even now, if I had to speak, words would come through tears. Simply this, "I'm a crier when God touches me."

It has not been since the Lay Witness movement in the 70's that I've experienced the depth of unity we shared as the topic of Biblical Womanhood was developed through testimonies, teaching and preaching. And speaking of Biblical womanhood, we saw it in action through those beautiful women!

Diane Dunne – founder of Hope for the Future Ministries. What a call on a lady; Beautiful inside and out. Blessed we were as she shared of her ministry on the streets of New York. Not only does she preach with power but feeds the hungry. India could boast of their God loving Mother Teresa, but God has pulled out all the stops when He called this one, who knows who she is and what she’s called to do. An obedient servant and living testimony to our Lord.  See Charisma Magazine, Dec. 2003 for a fantastic article or go to and read it online.  

Corrie Cox -- Corrie, from Oklahoma, is an anointed renewal musician who was formerly with Oral Roberts.  The compassion of God flows through her.  She ministered at the keyboard, bringing forth out of the treasury both old and new songs of praise and worship. A beautiful overflow and display of a life hid in Christ.

Shelli Baker – The zeal of the Lord of Hosts consumes her! The love for Him, His Word and our nation, which He brought forth, was so evident as Shelli shared from her heart. Not only a mighty mouthpiece of the Lord, but an accomplished artist who has depicted a 

mural portraying the flag of our nation, flowing from the pierced side of Jesus Christ. Step by step, under the Holy Spirit’s direction, her artistry details how God formed our wonderful nation. See 

Our spirits are running with anticipation of what is ahead, for we witnessed and experienced a mighty "connecting" in the Spirit. How wonderfully He has taught us and imparted His heart to us who long to see the church grow up into Him, with the full release of women into their callings.

God had His men represented there, as well, giving blessings and applauding what heaven is doing. Praise the Lord and forget not all His benefits. 



Biblical insight.  I was overwhelmed with the talk from Eph. 6 on our feet being shod with the Gospel of Peace.  He’s agreed to let us put it up—watch for it.  

It was a joy to see revealed that nothing is lost by trusting the Spirit with the worship and the schedule.   We sang and prayed not just at the beginning and the end but throughout as it was inspired by a word or testimony.  With this freedom we were blessed by people who were not on the formal retreat schedule and we learned about spontaneous group worship as teaching gave way to song, yet nothing was left out and there was time for everyone.  Glory!

For years I've had this picture in my mind of how the body should function.  I see a circle, not a pyramid, with people moving toward the center, as their gifts are needed.  When finished, they return to the circle and the next individual or group steps forward as guided by the Spirit.  No one greater than another, each functioning as God directs.  My vision was demonstrated at this retreat. 

In Eph 2:10 we are told that in Christ, we are prepared beforehand for good works that we should walk in them. Sue once facilitated life skills classes and I learned website skills for a home business.  I was impressed by the testimonies of how God had equipped people long before He gave them a ministry.  Maybe we should take a look at our training as well as our talents as we seek His purpose for our lives.

As we worked on our individual presentations it became clear that we needed to divide up the speakers so we each told you about a few.  

Sheila Strolz, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was my roommate, what a blessing. She told 

the regrettably familiar story of rejection by the establishment but not by God or the people he has given her to pastorShe called for women to repent for putting husbands before the Lord and for everyone to deal with anything that gets in the way of intimacy with Him. 

 Carol Scott -- Carol is a gifted Teacher.  She serves as Renewal Coordinator NE OK Roman Catholic Diocese.  She underscored the purpose of our creation—to hold the glory.  (II. Cor. 4:7) Carole shared how God has taken the scales from her eyes as He showed her His heart and purpose for women.  This outstanding talk is being transcribed and will be put on our website in early December.  

Linda and Conrad Miller – What a team.  They demonstrated not only egalitarian marriage, but also the Spirit instead of by personal agenda or program.  They put aside their set time to share about their own ministry, which is presently in crisis intervention and pastoral care, to skillfully assist others in times of ministry.   They shared how God had shown them that they were individuals with different gifts and callings who were free to move as He directed—sometimes together, sometimes alone.  Linda counseled those who were hearing these things for the first time to look to Jesus for direction.  He will lead us step by step so we will be conquerors, not victims.

It became clear as each testimony unfolded that women generally have more freedom to use their gifts outside the institutional church.  While we need a place to teach Biblical truth, Christianity is not just sitting in a building looking at the back of someone's head.  Teaching and preaching from a lectern are not the only ministries.  I learned from this retreat that we need to ask ourselves some questions.   How has God equipped me?  What is He speaking to my heart?  He is Lord! Just DO IT!

And to continue the Spirit of the retreat, look for the announcement of the ICWHP Christian Women’s Studies Program coming soon in 2003.

Testimony of Peggy Sims, Intercessor for GWTW

In the summer of 2001 we used the newsletter to put out a call for intercessors for God’s Word to Women.  It had been a rough year and we finally realized that as individuals and a ministry we were really under attack 

More prayer support was needed than just the three of us could provide.  Peggy was the first to respond.  She has been a joy and we thank God for her and her faithful support. 

I was saved at 19 while at college after being actively involved in the Baptist church as teacher, youth leader, choir member and soloist, etc. But when Jesus found me He truly did it! And my life has never been the same. 

For years I was wrapped up in family, husband, and four children (now 22,23, 26, and 31) There were a lot of needs, a lot of hurts, a lot of overcoming along the way. God taught me to be an intercessor in those days! I was diagnosed with MS in the 70's, as a young mother. There was not much hope medically in those days. God positioned me in a wonderful Assemblies of God church in Winter Park Florida where I heard the Word that brought healing to my body--complete healing, no remissions or relapses. 

I could write a book... 

I am now living in Archer, Florida, outside Gainesville.  We lived in the Carolinas for about 18 years and I miss them but this is where God brought me--my mission field! My husband and I attend a relatively new full-gospel Word Church. I am a long-time member of Aglow, although I have not been as active of late due to work conflicts. I am also an intercessor for and on the praise and worship team for the Gainesville International House of Prayer, affiliated with the Strategic Prayer Network and Micke Bickle's ministry in Kansas City. 

After my many years of being a mommy and wrapping part-time jobs needed at times around my children's schedules, I entered the job market. For many years I was a cosmetic merchandiser, but sometimes God has new directions for us. He took me into the insurance market. I worked part-time out of my home and part-time for an agency selling life, health, group, Medicare supplements, long term care, and annuities. 

Less than one month after the 911 event my husband lost his job as branch manager of a pest control company that he had been with for 11 years.  The cut back came 

because there had been no sales (since 911!). We had been through this before with "corporate restructuring" in '90 and took this that He had something new for us. 

The actual instructions from the Lord have come only step-by-step.  After living tightly on my income and a small amount of unemployment, we knew we were to start an insurance agency together. So, we took the necessary classes at the community college and passed the state exams. We have talked with the company that we feel very strongly is the avenue God wants us to go down. That will require some company schooling too, financing, and many more decisions before we can open in the fall.  Now we are trusting God!   

I do not stay in touch with GWTW every day, but I pray for them daily. Every request they make gets put in my daily prayer book, which I carry around with me everywhere so I can pray whenever there is any time and focus (traffic, long waits, etc.). I also put sticky notes in strategic places (over the dash in the car, in the kitchen, on the bathroom mirror) for the BIG requests.  I feel it is a privilege to intercede on their behalf and I thank them. One day I am sure that we will all meet! I look forward to it. 

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