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Articles on Apostles

Junia, A Female Apostle, Resolving the Issues of Romans 16:7 by Dennis J. Preato.  This paper looks at the two major issues regarding this verse; was Junia a woman and was she an apostle?  This scholarly paper is very well done and the footnotes are a goldmine for research. If you had a doubt before, you should not when you finish.

Junia, A Woman Apostle by Dianne McDonnell.   This outstanding article presents a clear and easy to read case for Junia as an apostle who was woman.  She includes Romans 16:7, with numerical references to Strong's Concordance for easy reference, followed by an explanation of critical words. 

Why Jesus Chose Male Apostles, by Gilbert Bilezikian.  This article is taken from Dr. Bilezikian's book Community 101.  It explains why the original 12 apostles were male, then discusses the implications for the early church and the church today.

Go and Tell! --God's Word to Women in the 21st Century Century by Dr. Eddie Hyatt.  It has been noted that we teach a little by what we say; we teach more by what we do; but we teach most or all by what we are.  Jesus knew that actions speak louder than words and He taught His disciples, not just by precept.  This article considers the importance of Jesus appearing first to Mary Magdalene.  Don't miss this one!

The Son Re-expressing the Father's Heart Towards Women by Dee Alei.  This is Chapter 7 of her book From Bondage to Blessing.  Jesus continually broke with the traditions, religious law and attitudes of the time regarding women.  In this chapter we see how He continually affirmed women, honoring them, encouraging them in their faith, giving them dignity, equality, value and lifting them up to the men as positive examples.  After reading this you may want to order the whole book.  To do so, click here

We are Witnesses to a Mystery by Ruth Hoppin.  The first chapter and a paragraph from the ending of the book entitled "Charge to the Jury," is taken from the book Priscilla's Letter, Finding the Author of the Epistle to the Hebrews which is written as a fascinating trial where the evidence is laid out before a jury.   The book was taken out of print after only a few months of availability.  Circumstances suggest deliberate suppression due to the influence of those who regard the concept of female authorship of the Epistle to the Hebrews intolerable.  Fascinating!

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