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by Pat Joyce

This article came from our first newsletter which came out in the summer of 2000.  We thought you might like to know how this website got started.  Here's the story.

As I began to write I asked the Lord what to call it, and came up with "It's a God Thing."  A little while later I called Gay to get her input on how we developed our relationship with Barbara; and she said, "I don't know; it's a God thing."  What a neat confirmation that it really is!

In November of 1996, Gay attended a women's conference at Eaglemount Church in Lewisville, a suburb of Dallas where Barbara was a speaker.  Between sessions, Barbara overheard Gay ask another of the speakers if she had read God's Word to Women by Katharine Bushnell.  (Four years ago few people had heard of this book as it was only available from Ray Munson who had discovered it and had it privately republished.) Barbara immediately broke off her conversation, went to Gay and asked intently, “ Where did you get that book!”

Gay explained that it was sent to her by a friend a couple of years ago, but she had only read it that past summer after her friend Pat borrowed it.  She related that I had called her long distance numerous times every day for a week to read portions to her.  I refused to give the book back, but I ordered her a new copy.

An immediate bonding in the Spirit took place between Barbara and Gay.  Some months later Barbara did a retreat called “Gender Benders,” and I got to meet her.  Over the next year we saw each other at a few times at conferences—we can’t remember just how it happened.  God things are like that, but with each meeting the ties deepened, and the “team” began to emerge. 

One day Barbara called with a proposition.  God's Word to Women was being republished and she had been offered the opportunity to purchase 1,000 copies.  She asked if we would like to partner with her in the venture.  Obviously, the answer was an enthusiastic yes!

A website had been in the discussion stage; but with the acquisition of the books, it became a priority.  God had prepared the way.  Gay once owned a Christian bookstore, Barbara had taught grammar and composition during her time at Fountain Gate College, and I had a writing background and had just learned to do websites.

With this newsletter we celebrate two years of ministry through the God's Word to Women website.  God continues to link us with others who are writing and ministering in this area.  What a joy and privilege it is to be part of a “God Thing.”

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