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Vignettes on Women of the Bible

Darlene Austin is graciously allowing us to print a series of vignettes that she is doing on women of the Bible. This is a work in progress, hopefully someday it will be a book. She has taken cultural information and combined it with deductions that can be inferred from the scripture to bring the characters to life. It is her hope that these studies will inspire you to get into the Word and seek a deeper understanding of the living examples God has provided for us. Remember, these are stories, not scripture study.

The first vignette is on Abigail, the second on Vashti and the third on Eve. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we have. A short bio on Darlene is found below.

The story of Hagar is by Mary Dunham Faulkner and is a more recent addition to our vignettes. Then we added Anna, by Helen Gwilliam.

Abigail by Darlene Austin

Vashti by Darlene Austin

Eve by Darlene Austin

Hagar by Mary Dunham-Faulkner

Anna by Helen Gwilliam

For a scripture study article on Eve, click here

For more on Vashti, read the Vashti-Esther story by Katharine Bushnell

Short Bio of Darlene Austin

My family was large, seven children, of which I was the oldest; and I had to learn many skills to help. Although we were not poverty-stricken, we didn't have the means to acquire some of the necessities; and I learned to do a lot with only little which included how to cook and bake on a wood-burning stove, and make my own clothes, including sweaters and coats. Quilting and other needlework arts were practiced as a matter of course. Gardening was not a hobby; it was a necessity. Cleaning was done with the most basic of items which were chosen for cost, safety and efficiency. Organization was a gift, which the Lord has developed to a high degree. Without these skills, we would have had very few of the basics of life.

I was saved at the age of ten; but having grown up in an unbelieving home, I had no spiritual training. I taught Sunday School on a military base when I was sixteen and felt the calling and drawing of the Holy Spirit from that time forward. I finally surrendered fully when I was thirty-five and became Spirit-filled. At that time, I was given a deep hunger and thirst for the Word which I fed at every available opportunity. Through the mentoring of a dear friend, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and ears, taught me, freed me and developed other giftings within me.

As a daughter, and then the wife, of enlisted military men, I learned many of the things which became the basis of my book, The Beauty of a Godly Woman. The biblical teachings that added to my understanding of the Word were incorporated into the book to bring a Godly balance to what I had already learned and used.

I'm the grandmother of seven. I have two sons and two beautiful daughters--my sons' wives. My husband and I have been members of the ministry teams of the churches that we have attended, including worship, prayer/intercession, healing and deliverance, and teaching. It's my desire that women become everything that God desires for them, to become free and walk in the giftings that He has given them, and to see that all of their gifts are recognized and developed to their fullest potential

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