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Gretchen Gaebelein Hull's Testimony

"By God's grace, I grew up in a home that emphasized truth and integrity and social concern and where our family's desire was to be guided by God's Word and not by legalism or role playing.  Having placed my own trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, I accepted His Word as the only trustworthy guide for my life.   For me, Scripture was--and is--God's utterly reliable revelation of His plan for humanity, and I believe that the Bible is the ultimate authority for all people.

 "However, as I myself became active in church work, I became aware of the expedient use of women and also of the insensitivity of many Christian men toward women's personhood.  The fact that these loveless actions and attitudes created increasing tensions and hurts both inside and outside the Christian community made it imperative to seek a biblical perspective on their underlying causes."
The above synopsis by Gretchen Hull of her life reveals her motivation for writing the book, Equal to Serve, from which this biographical information was taken.  She tackles some of the most sensitive and delicate questions regarding women today within the context of Bible truth.  Gretchen believes that these women's concerns are more fully human concerns because what concerns half of the human race must of necessity involve and affect the other half.  You may order a copy of this extraordinary book, which contains more than sufficient documentation with strong reliance on Scripture, directly from Gretchen Hull; Box 489; Cold Spring Harbor, New York 11724.  The cost is $10 which includes postage and handling.

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