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Word Study

"CONCEPTION" as used in Genesis 3:16

It is not possible to use the usual Word Study format for this page since we are not sure just how the word spelled HRN, [ HRN ]in the Hebrew should be translated.  However, the following information brings grave doubt that it should have been translated as conception.

Conception in the Hebrew is spelled HRJWN [HRJWN]in Ruth 4:13 and Hosea 9:1.  two letters shorter than the word found in Genesis 3:16.  It should be noted that the J in HRJWN [ HRJWN ]is a root consonant and as such it can not be omitted.  So how can one say that HRJWN [ HRJWN ]and HRN [ HRN ] are the same word?

The Septuagint, the Old Testament translated into Greek by Hebrew scholars renders the word HRN [ HRN ]as sighing.  The Septuagint was the version of scripture quoted by Christ and the Apostles.  There is a great deal of difference in telling Eve that as a consequence of her actions her sighing would increase, and telling her that God has chosen to punish her by multiplying her ability to conceive. 

We cannot be sure what the translation of HRN [ HRN ] should be.  However, it is unlikely that conception should be considered among the possibilities. (1)
1 For a deeper understanding of the difficulty in translating this word see lessons 1, 2 and 14 in Katharine Bushnell's God's Word to Women.

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