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Fuchsia Pickett's Testimony

"A mother in Israel" thrust forth to the body of Christ for this transitional time."

In introducing Dr. Pickett many ministers have said: "We have a rare opportunity to hear a lady who is believed by many pastors to be one of the world's finest Bible teachers alive today.  A number of the internationally-known ministers preaching today have been influenced by the ministry of Dr. Fuchsia Pickett.  All who desire to hear a fresh revelation from the throne room of God will want to investigate her resource materials.

Many people have testified that their lives will never be the same after listening to the prophetic, highly anointed ministry of Sister Pickett.  Her ministry is both national and international in scope.  She has a special prophetic anointing in the are as of introducing the Holy Spirit, worship, revelation, leadership, Christian maturity, and revival. 

A life time student of the Word, Dr. Pickett has three earned doctorates in theology, including a Doctor of Divinity degree.  She is a native of Virginia, raised in North Carolina.  Answering the Lord's call to minister the Word of God, she studied at John Wesley College and Virginia Bible College.  She did undergraduate work at colleges in Virginia and North Carolina, and graduate work in Florida. 

As an ordained Methodist minister, she moved in the Evangelical Methodist stream.  In 1959, after becoming terminally ill, Dr. Pickett resigned her pastorate and spent much of the next year in hospitals.  On April 12, 1959, she was carried into a church to attend a service she felt would be her last.  God miraculously changed the course of her life that morning as He healed her and baptized her in the Holy Spirit.  Her testimony is that the greatest thing that ever happened to her was when her "Teacher" came in the Person of the Holy Spirit to unveil the Christ in her and to her, Whom she had studied and taught about for so many years. 

Following God's miraculous intervention, Dr. Pickett ministered for the next seven years as a conference evangelist and teacher.  Most of her ministry was focused on the West Coast where wonderful revivals took place confirming God's tremendous anointing upon her ministry.  In 1966 Dr. Pickett settled in Texas where she became affiliated with a large Bible college as head of the Bible Department, Academic Dean, Director of the College, and conference speaker.

In 1971, Dr. Pickett, with her husband, Leroy founded Fountain Gate Ministries.  Fountain Gate was an Interdenominational Church whose ministries included Fountain Gate Church, Fountain Gate College, Little Lambs Preschool, Fountain Gate Christian Academy, a nation-wide Tape Lending Library, daily radio program, and weekly television ministry.

In the fall of 1988, Dr. Pickett answered the call of God and the Church to go to the body of Christ at large as a Mother-in-Israel.  Sensing the mandate of God upon her life to travel and minister to pastors and leaders, she was thrust forth by God and her church into the harvest field.  Having relocated in Tennessee, she and her husband, Leroy, are now based at Shekinah Ministries, Blountville, TN., and travel extensively. 

Dr. Pickett is adjunct professor for Beacon Theological Seminary as well as being in great demand as a conference speaker.  She is fulfilling the call to help leaders and churches during this transitional period to prepare the Church to enter into her  inheritance.

 Fuchsia Pickett's Call to Preach and Teach.

Fuchsia T. Pickett's Call to Preach and Teach.  From: Stones of Remembrance, published by Creation House. 1998.  Used with permission.  Book may be obtained from Creation House, 1-800-599-5750. 

"Sometime later I had another sovereign visitation from God.  I was in my room waiting for George to come home from work.  As I lay in bed, I heard a voice louder than a normal tone of voice call my name.  I raised up in the bed and answered questioningly, "Yes?" As I sat there for a moment, I sensed that my room was filled with the presence of God.  No one answered my response so I lay back down.

A few moments later I was awakened, and I heard that voice call my name again.  I decided it must be the people living upstairs in our house.  I got up and looked up the stairwell, but I did not hear a sound.  There was no one in the house.  I went back and lay down on my bed.  The third time I heard my name called aloud, I fell by my bedside trembling.  I asked, "God, is this You?"

He said, "Yes, Fuchsia.  I want you to preach and teach My Word."

One of the greatest blessings in my heritage is that my parents taught me to obey them.  My daddy, the best friend I ever had on earth, taught me to obey even when I did not want to and to love to please him.  So when the infinite, almighty, eternal, triune God--my heavenly Father--walked into my room, called by my name, and told me He wanted me to preach and teach His Word, I didn't question whether I had an option to obey Him or not.  My earthly daddy had taught me unconditional obedience.

I knew I had heard the voice of God, and no one could tell me I could not preach because I was a woman.  I did not think that some committee or board needed to determine according to their theology whether I could or should feed His sheep as He had asked me to do.

I surrendered that night to God, although I didn't know how or when or where I would fulfill the mandate He placed on my life.  I was a wife and young mother.  It did not seem likely that I could get the preparation I would need to preach the gospel.  But God always provides where He has commanded an obedient heart.

My husband was a petty officer in the Navy during the latter part of the Korean War.  He was called to active duty, and I was able to enter Bible college as God sovereignly opened the door.  God sat me down in Bible school at John Wesley College in Greensboro, North Carolina, while my husband was away in the military and my boy was little.

After graduation God led me out into the ministry, opening doors for me to preach the Word.  I had never heard of a woman preacher.  My mother was so distressed at the prospect of my preaching that she wore black and cried and felt as though her daughter were dead.  But I knew I had heard from God, and I could not be deterred.  (In later years, happily, I became my mother and father's pastor.  They became two of my greatest supporters.)

God had sovereignly revealed Himself to me as Savior and Lord and had called me into the ministry.  He opened the way for me to attend Martinsville Bible College, Aldergate University, and to do graduate work at the University of North Carolina.  I knew I was called to preach His Word, though that was more unusual for a woman in that time than it is now.  Yet He opened doors across the country for meetings. (1)   I knew that I would not have lived more than a few months if God had not miraculously intervened in my life and healed my body.  That was more than thirty years ago, and I have enjoyed the results of that miracle all these years.  Yet, something more wonderful than physical healing happened to me that Sunday morning.  Within a few days of my healing, I realized that the baptism of the Holy Spirit I had received that day had ushered me into a new relationship with God.

My divine "Teacher" had come to fill me with Himself and to split open the veil between my soul and my spirit.  He intervened in my desperate circumstances and healed me miraculously when my mind did not believe the doctrine of healing.  For the first time in my life I began to understand, through revelation, the same Scriptures I had studied and taught faithfully for many years.  They came alive to me, not as information, but as power that was working in me and transforming my life.

During the years that followed my healing and baptism in the Holy Spirit, I was thrust into a new relationship with God.  I experienced supernatural revelation and a walk in the power of the Holy Spirit that I never dreamed possible.  Apart from my salvation experience and the supernatural calling of God to the ministry, I had not experienced visions or other divine visitations.  That all changed when the Holy Spirit moved in to become my Teacher.

Though I had heard God call me by my name to preach and teach His Word and had seen Him open doors for me and prepare the way for seventeen years of ministry, I now began to receive revelation from my Teacher--the blessed Holy Spirit--who had come to teach me the Word the way He wrote it. (2)


1.   pp. 19-21.

2.   pp. 33, 35.

Addendum:  Fuchsia Pickett died peacefully in her sleep on January 30, 2004.

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