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GWTW Missions: India


by Umadevi Narimi

My name is Umadevi Narimi, and I am a woman minister from India. I have two daughters – Kanthi Krupa and Jeevan Keerthi. My dear husband is a laborer for daily wages along with helping me labor in the Lord’s vineyard.  My parents belonged to a Hindu family where they worshiped idols and statues. When I was a little girl, my parents were very faithful idol worshipers; and my father formerly was a priest in the Hindu temple, which was built along with our grand-parents. Growing up, I used to be an idol-worshiper.

However, in my parents’ home, I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior when I heard the gospel through one of the pastors and was baptized at a very critical time in my life. I have faced many problems from my parents and relatives who sent me away from their home because I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. When I was baptized, I also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. God is so great that later on, my family members and friends converted from the Hindu religion to Christianity and became believers in Jesus Christ.  How happy we are for their decision.    

After a few years I was inspired by the Holy Spirit and was determined to carry the gospel for those whose souls were perishing including my Hindu brothers and sisters. Now I am preaching the word of God in the midst of idol worshipers and perishing people. When they hear the gospel, people come to feet of the Lord. Every week we have street meetings, proclaiming the gospel door-to-door, tract distribution, and sharing our testimony. We have waited for such a long time for the people of God who will encourage and comfort us as we give ourselves to Him as a women minister. We praise God for His great plan for us, who has given us very precious people at the right time.    

What a blessed opportunity to have fellowship with God’s Word to Women. In very little time, we have been blessed abundantly in Him and have learned many things that have given us strength for women’s ministry through the GWTW website which before we did not find the encouragement and comfort like this website has given us. By God’s grace and with the encouragement of GWTW, we recently have started two, house churches. We are thankful to almighty God and to the GWTW intercessors. Our heartfelt desire is to look forward to continuing our lives through God’s ministry and in the blessed ministry of GWTW.   

Our heartfelt desire is to equip and strengthen many women preachers for our district. Many women have need and thirst for word of God, and someone has met them secretly in their homes. Here women preachers can enter into the houses of rich and poor. They can motivate the people to come to His feet.   

We need continually the word of God and teachings and literature in our native language of Telugu which we must translate and print continually. Also, we need Bibles in our native language.  

Your gift will allow us to conduct conferences for women, to train them in the word of God, and send them out to the people for His glory.   

Here many young widows and HIV-infected women, who have lost their husband to HIV/AIDS, are wasting their precious time. We would love to give them self- employment like handworks along with teaching of the word of God.   

Here many children have lost their parents with AIDS. We have great desire to establish a children’s home for orphans as well as a home for the aged.  Not only do we thank you, but also we need your precious prayers, love, and kind compassion support to continue this ministry.  

Translated into the English language by Kanthi Krupa Narimi.   

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