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Stephen Gola's Calling:

the Golas

Stephen became a child of God in 1976. The thirst for God drove him to learn and study continually. (That thirst has never stopped).

One day in 1992, Stephen heard the Lord say, "Son, sit down, I want to teach you about divorce." He immediately gathered his Bible and study tools. Almost three years later of the Lord teaching him under the heavy anointing of His presence, the book, Divorce: God's Will? came forth as the result.

During a time of prayer in 1993, the Lord said He had made Stephen His signet ring. For two weeks, the anointing of God weighed heavily as he studied the Lord's Word to understand what God was saying. After many years, he had come to partly understand the authority and great responsibility of being God's "signet ring." Part of this responsibility is releasing the teachings which Stephen received from the Lord---restoring lost Biblical Truth to the Body of Christ. Through the years of being born of God, he received many life-changing revelations. The Lord commanded Stephen to write those revelations in notebooks which filled with Food fit for the King's kids.

During these years, God had Stephen serve Him in a number of capacities. The first and foremost place was his everyday occupation. In addition, Stephen held Bible Studies and served as an assistant pastor as well as a guest and fill-in speaker and teacher. In addition to teaching and training at Teen Challenge, Stephen also became an author and writer.

His Passion:

The passion that drives Stephen is to fully please his heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, his teacher.

In 1994, his Father said, "Son, I want you and your family to live to bring delight to My heart every day." Stephen knew why he was alive--to bring God delight every day. He soon understood being "Christ-like - conformed into the image of God" was not the goal. The fruit of the goal was pleasing Him and doing those things that bring Him delight.

Stephen cannot be swayed by brothers and sisters blinded by the enemy who allow themselves to be used as critics against this work and the Kingdom of God. They are still his brothers and sisters in the Lord but bound by our adversary. Therefore, Stephen's heart-cry is for restoration and fellowship.

His greatest delight is to loose, clean, prepare, equip, and then to present the Lord Jesus Christ with His altogether beautiful, passionate Bride---that's you!

"The Marriage Institution," Chapter 3 of Divorce: God's Will?

A harmonious marriage between a man and a woman is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences one can have. But what happens when that beautiful experience is not so beautiful any longer and the love that was so deep has turned into bitterness of heart and hate? What happens when proper counseling has not brought forth the desired fruit, and the hope of the relationship being restored seems lost? And what happens when our spouse turns their back on God, the only true reconciliator of marriages? Is there still hope after all hope appears to be gone? Yes!

As painful as this may sound when dealing with a marriage, divorcing or "making one into two" is necessary and needed to save and preserve life. To save a person's life from the destruction of cancer, a surgical separation must take place. To keep our community safe from a known rapist, they must be separated from the community and incarcerated. A rabid animal must be separated so others may not die also. And as painful as it is, there are husbands and wives who are greatly corrupting their spouse and a separation must take place to save and restore them, before both are lost forever.

This book has been written to save those who make up the family, not necessarily to keep a marriage together. The author recognizes that it is priority to save the marriage, but also knows that some marriages are not meant to be saved, and shouldn't be.

There is a time when the Lord Jesus is our High Priest to bring us together in a marriage; from being two, He makes us one. But there are other times He is our Physician who comes to do surgery as our last resort to bring healing. The surgical procedure of divorce is one of those times.

Who Invented Divorce Anyway?

Divorce and remarriage was never a question with God. For "When a man takes a wife and marries her, and it happens that she finds no favor in his eyes because he has found some uncleanness in her, AND HE WRITES HER A CERTIFICATE OF DIVORCE, puts it in her hand and sends her out of his house, and goes AND BECOMES ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE..." (Deuteronomy 24:1, 2)

And again, "Are you bound to a wife? Do not seek to be loosed. Are you LOOSED FROM A WIFE? Do not seek a wife. BUT EVEN IF YOU DO MARRY, YOU HAVE NOT SINNED." (1 Corinthians 7:27, 28a)

There were times when God forbids His people to divorce. There are two situations in Deuteronomy 22:13-30 where God has REMOVED the right to divorce. This means that when needed, the right to divorce has always been there. In these cases that right was abused, so God revoked it. The first instance was when the husband claimed that his new wife was not a virgin, when in fact, she was proved to be so. Because the husband brought a bad name on her, ". . . He cannot divorce her all his days." (Deuteronomy 22:19b)

The other case was when a man had sex with a single woman who was a virgin. He must pay a fine [the dowry of a bride] to her family, and by having sex with her he has taken her as his wife and ". . . [Was not] permitted to divorce her all his days" (Deuteronomy 22:29b). But "if her father utterly refuses to give her to him [the marriage would be cancelled]" Exodus 22:16.

Review of Stephen Gola's, Divorce: God's Will?

This powerfully anointed divorce and remarriage Bible study clearly reveals the true grounds for divorce, and Christian divorce rights do exist. Sometimes God uses divorce to save lives. However, many divorced people have felt they have let God down. Some who need to divorce feel they are violating God's will, but they don't have to feel that way any more!

Divorce: God's Will? is the result of God's command to help people come out from under the condemnation of erroneous teachings and to experience His true love.

This book is full of hope and compassion! It reveals God's true heart to those who are in a bad marriage and those who have gone through a divorce. So much love and power flows from these pages that it literally releases the reader from condemnation and brings their heart to total peace.

Since God's Word, the Bible, is the foundation for marriage and divorce, the author has plainly established and made clear from the Bible that God allows divorce. God cares more for the man and woman who make up the marriage than He cares for the marriage itself.

Divorce: God's Will? covers everything from staying in a bad marriage too long, to that ever-elusive subject--submission. Click here to read some chapters of this outstanding book --. Adele Hebert.

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