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Verbal Abuse

You Are A Door Prize Not A Doormat by Dr. Jay Grady

What is Verbal Abuse? - by Dr. Jay Grady. Dr. Jay Grady has revised his original book Stop Verbal Abuse. He has added more content and also changed the title to You Are A Door Prize Not A Doormat. This article is taken from Dr. Grady's book, in which he addresses many issues regarding verbal abuse from recognition to overcoming the effects. Millions of people around the world are limited in their pursuits of happiness because of low self-esteem and lack of confidence as a result of verbal abuse. Much has been written about physical abuse, here the equally damaging subject of verbal abuse is addressed.

Identifying Verbal and Emotional Abuse and Grounds for Divorce - This is a collection of several new resources on abuse created by women who have personally been through the valley. They understand this topic intimately and have recovered strong voices to enlighten and equip others.

Breaking the Cycle of Verbal Abuse - Dr. Jay Grady. In this article Dr. Jay gives some eye opening statistics and points out that verbal abuse is a serious problem in the church, that we really don't want to talk about.

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