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A Message to the Women of God by Germaine Copeland. Germaine Copeland is the founder and president of Word Ministries, Inc., and author of many books including Prayers That Avail Much. In this message, Germaine calls women of God to arise and live according to God's original plan that has been restored in Christ Jesus. To access her books and prayer ministry go to www.prayers.org.

Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View by Dr. Kenneth Bailey. Dr. Bailey has kindly given permission for us to offer his article, "Women in the New Testament: A Middle Eastern Cultural View." This article was written in 1995. The truth about God's view of women is not new, it has been clearly stated over and over. Dr. Bailey, a renowned theologian, shows through careful consideration of scripture that biblically there is no ground for discrimination against women. It is amazing, that in the church, the tradition remains so prevalent.

Just Say 'No' To Psycho-Babble by Leslie Johnson with Gary Johnson. Here is an excellent short article encouraging the people of God to judge by the Word rather than "pop-psychology theories and mindless suppositions regarding gender tendencies." Leslie is the author of Does God Really Prefer Men.

Women Arising Now by Chuck Pierce. This article is Chapter Nine of his book The Future War of the Church. In this is a prophetic word for women, he proclaims that "despite the enemy's efforts to oppress and seduce women, we are about to see women of the Church arise and influence the world in a way they have never done before!"

The Lord's Tsunami by Barbara Wentroble. A tsunami takes place because of a shift in the plates of the earth. That natural shift represents a spiritual shift that is releasing men and women to work together in a full and equal partnership. This article also shows how the church has been influenced by Greek philosophy rather than scripture when it comes to its traditions on the place of women.

Did Paul Really Say, "Let Women Keep Silent in the Churches?" by Dennis J. Preato. This article provides objective evidence that verses 34-35 of 1st Corinthians 14 do not represent the inspired writings of the Apostle Paul or any other inspired writer. We are grateful to Dennis for sending us his excellent work on behalf of women.

Covet to Prophesy by Katharine Bushnell. A rare copy of the booklet was sent to us by Ruth Hoppin the author of Priscilla's Letter. From Genesis to Paul Bushnell takes on tradition stating "There is no middle ground safe for the Church. She should either silence women altogether in every activity that would make her voice heard in the Church as a teacher or preacher, or else give a tardy assent to the truth of Paul's sweeping assertion that "there can be no male and female" distinctions as to call and privilege that the Church is authorized to make, or can make, without mischief to the body of believers. Covet to Prophesy is a real find. Enjoy!

Junia, A Female Apostle, Resolving the Issues of Romans 16:7 by Dennis J. Preato. This paper looks at the two major issues regarding this verse; was Junia a woman and was she an apostle. This scholarly paper is very well done and the footnotes are a goldmine for research.

The Choice: Truth or Tradition, Understanding the Difference Between Biblical Womanhood and Feminism by Susan Hyatt This article is taken from Dr. Hyatt's dissertation. It helps us see that biblical womanhood goes far beyond even standard evangelical concepts and certainly is not secular feminism.

Journey's End by Kathryn Riss is the conclusion of her book by the same name. The "serpent's seed" has attacked God's daughters long enough. It's time for the truth to set them free! We hope that you will be so refreshed, challenged and inspired by this thought-provoking article that you will want the get the book.

Life's Basic Questions by Barbara Collins, Gay Anderson and Pat Joyce. As part of the ministry of this website we try to respond to e-mails. We received some basic questions from a young lady from the middle east. She asked things like "Why am I here?" "Is there life after death?" "How can I attain deeper levels of wellness and spiritual wisdom?"... We thought that a lot of folks might have asked the same questions and so we are posting our answers.

Keeping Women in Their Place by Rev. Johnny Wade Sloan, D.D. This is an excellent article that we are reprinting from The Remnant. Enjoy!

Ten Lies the Church Tells Women by J. Lee Grady. For centuries, a patriarchal system of control has kept women in spiritual captivity through distortion of the scriptures. This article takes on the myths.

Discussion on 10 Lies... 10 Lies the Church Tells Women. We received the following comments from Seth Masek of Lee Grady's Article 10 Lies the Church Tells Women. Barbara responded and they got into a discussion which we felt was too good to keep to ourselves. It is presented with Seth's permission.

The Glory of the Lord is Upon You by Carole Scott. This prophetic message, "Get Up Daughters, The Glory Of The Lord Is Upon You!" was birthed in that vision and is empowered with an anointing prayer for women of all ages.

God's Gals by Gerald McCray - We (Barbara, Gay and Pat of God's Word to Women) are pleased to be able to put up Chapter 11 from God's Gals by Gerald McCray. Gerald contacted us a few years ago asking permission to use our website as a resource, a real complement. He also wanted to use some of the articles by Kathryn and Richard Riss, so we put him in contact with Kathryn who wound up editing his book. We are delighted that he mentions our friendship on his acknowledgements page. The book is making an impact. God's Gals can be purchased from your local Christian bookstore or ordered from Amazon.com.

Don't Be Afraid to Empower Women Dawn Ministries interview with David Yonggi Cho

Questions That Mislead the Gender Debate by Rebecca Merrill Groothuis. This is an excellent editorial that appeared in Mutuality, the magazine of Christians for Biblical Equality.

Breakthrough News for Women by David Fees challenges the traditional interpretation of scriptures concerning the role of women in God's plan and in the church.

Jezebel Spirit Unmasked - by Gay Anderson. The Summer 2001 newsletter article contests both the validity of the term Jezebel spirit and the use of this term against women in ministry.

Should Women Serve as Pastors? by Barbara Collins. This article explores the arguments on this controversial subject.

To Be Ordained or Not to Be – That Is the Question! by Barbara Collins writing for the Summer 2003 newsletter.

About My Father's Business by Gay Anderson. Writing for the spring 2002 newsletter, Gay reminds us that our business is souls and encourages us to recognize ministry does not just mean preaching or teaching. Look for the opportunity that God gives and take it.

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