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Jean Wright

First and foremost, Jean is a lover of the Lamb, a lover of God and of His Word, and a lover of His presence. She has been a student of the Word for many years.  In 1974 she officially enrolled in Fountain Gate Bible School and received a Bachelor of Theology degee from Fountain Gate in 1978.  She taught as a Bible teacher at Fountain Gate for ten years.  Later she received a Master of Theology Degee from Shalom Bible College and Seminary and in 1994 received the Doctor of Theology from Shalom.  In 1996 she and her faithful husband of many years founded Word of the Cross Ministries.  Jean believes that there is a need in the lives of all believers for a foundation of sound Biblical teaching.  Her desire is to cut a straight path in the Word of God for others to follow.  Her passion is for the inward revelation of Christ.  Her prayerful expectation is for revival in the church in America.  Her vision is for the nations.  She has traveled to several nations within the last ten years, Cuba being her latest assignment.  Recently the Lord has given her a vision for focused prayer for youth and children, emphasizing the urgency of reaching the youth of this generation for God's purposes.

Satan's Enmity Against the Woman

[Given to Jean Wright, April, 1985.]

This revelation came to me after three days of seeking the Lord concerning the woman issue, especially about women in ministry.  I was teaching a Bible school class when a question was asked about women's roles.  I wanted to hear from the Lord and not just what other people were saying although I did read others' comments and interpretations.  I spent time before the Lord, and He spoke various things to me.  On the third day, after I had put aside my reading and studying, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me.  I hurriedly began to write down, as accurately and clearly as possible, all that He was saying.  As my teacher, Dr. Fuchsia Pickett often said, "Truth when it leaves heaven is pure, but it does have to come through imperfect human vessels."  I do not claim infallibility in what is given.  The revelation, however, explained so much to me about my own life.  The understanding given was very liberating.

The Holy Spirit's classroom began in Genesis 3:15.  The thoughts that He brought to me follow in the order given by the Spirit.

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed.  He shall bruise thy head and thou shall bruise His heel. 

Daniel 11:37

Neither shall he [the antichrist or the antichrist spirit] regard the God of his fathers nor the desire of women. 

He next brought to my mind an article I had read a few years prior that told of the "circumcision" which some Muslim women undergo so that they cannot have pleasure in sexual relations with their husbands. 1 Then He said, homosexuality and man and woman living together without marriage are both strategies of the enemy to express his enmity toward women - men turning to men rather than man to woman; the woman denied the security of the covenant relationship of marriage.

Consider the lot of women through the centuries.  In heathen lands, she has been considered a thing or a possession, not a person.  Girl babies are even today killed at birth simply because they are females. 2 Sometimes the mother who bore the girl baby also is killed.  The lot of women can only be explained as Satan expressing his enmity toward the woman as foretold in Genesis 3:15. 

Through the ages the one that God purposed to be a protection for the woman - the father or a husband - has often been the one that her enemy has used to express his hatred toward her.  Consider the wife abuse, child abuse and incest that are so prevalent in families today.  Three times in Ephesians 5:25-33 God commanded the man to love his wife.  In the same passage, the same command to love is not given to the wife.  The question has been raised concerning this omission.  The Holy Spirit spoke that God commands the man to love his wife in order that he not be the tool of the enmity of Satan.  The man must not allow his tendency to anger to become an avenue through which Satan's hatred of the woman can be expressed.  The woman is a type of the Church, who has been under the dominion of Satan and the world.  If God could so ordain the events in Joseph's life so that he is the most perfect human type of Christ in the Old Testament, could He not ordain woman's life as a type of His Church? 3  The women's lib movement is the last big attempt by Satan to deceive the woman and keep her from coming into her true liberty in Christ. 

Throughout the centuries since Christ, the church has acknowledged that Christ liberated woman and raised her to a position of honor and respect.  Yet church tradition, "church fathers," and the whole religious system have served as a tool for Satan to express his enmity and to keep her subordinate to men.  In some cases, women are kept under the total control of men.  This abuse has been justified by the deliberate mistranslation and misinterpretation to the Scriptures.4

Immediately the Holy Spirit brought to my mind the curse pronounced on those who add to or subtract from His Word. 5  And then He said, "They do err, knowing neither the Scriptures nor the power of God." Matthew 23:29 I believe He was speaking of the power of God to raise the woman above the enmity of Satan and to put Satan under her feet.  And then the Holy Spirit said that Jesus gave the message of His resurrection to a woman because the seed of the woman had overcome and defeated her enemy, Satan.  The issue of the place of women and the place of women in ministry is the result of the enmity of Satan against her - the bearer of the seed who would destroy him. 

Then the Holy Spirit returned me to Genesis 3:13.  Eve's response to God's question, "What is this that thou hast done?" was, "The serpent beguiled me and I did eat."  Eve exposed Satan's works.  She put the blame on Satan.  Eve did not accuse God as Satan had accused God to her.  She did not side with Satan but made a choice and sided with God against Satan.  Yes, Eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, but she did not reject God.  Eve knew the serpent deceived her.  Satan's full design against Eve failed; therefore, Satan hated her and has had enmity toward the woman every since.

Satan's enmity extended to her Seed - Jesus Christ, mankind's Deliverer and Redeemer, who defeated Satan, crushing his head.  Her spiritual seed, through Christ, against which Satan now wars, is all true believers who form the Body of Christ, the Church.  That spiritual seed will wrest the kingdoms of this world from Satan.  In other words, these overcomers will enter into the full victory of Christ's work.  The woman, the Church, is still persecuted and hated by Satan. 6

Note Adam's faith in Genesis 3:20.  He called his wife, Eve, the mother of all living, right after God had just pronounced death to him, "Dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return."  By naming her Eve, which means living, Adam was expressing faith in the Seed of the woman that would bruise Satan's head.  Adam and Eve were driven from the garden but both were forgiven and cleansed and clothed with coats of skin.  Though forgiven, they, and the whole human race, suffered the consequences of their sin. 

Then the Holy Spirit spoke this important word.  God designed a canopy of love for the woman because she is the special object of Satan's hatred, not because she is weak, inferior or more easily deceived than man. 

Satan's enmity is also against the natural seed [children] of the woman, which, of course, is all mankind.  He hates the woman because she is the bearer of the seed.  She brings forth the children who will have the opportunity to be born into the family of God and become sons of God with authority over him.  This, stated again, explains the pitiful lot of women in many parts of the world.

When the woman also bears the seed of the Word, there is a special hatred against her and her descendants.  The protection for her and the children in the home is for the husband to provide that blanket of love that God designed for her to have. 

In completing this revelation, the Holy Spirit spoke this incredible word to me :

Satan will rejoice over the fall of the harlot- the great whore- Mystery Babylon- because, in her fall, his full enmity against the woman will be expressed.  Again, this is a statement that I wanted to omit because the Scripture does not say in Revelation 17 that Satan rejoiced over the harlot's fall although it does say she is hated by the Beast.  However, I knew that the things I had written above were not by own thoughts but that the Holy Spirit by this final word was just bringing to fullness the revelation from the seed of truth that was begun in Genesis 3:15. 

And God's Promise:

The God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.  Romans 16:20

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Ephesians 6:13

And they overcame him [the great dragon, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole earth] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony: and they loved not their lives unto the death.  Revelation 12:11 (see verse 9)


1 In 1993 the Dallas Morning News ran a series of articles on violence against women.  The April 18th article was on "female circumcision," a rite which is practiced in twenty-five African nations and is spreading to other nations where Africans have migrated.  According to the World Health Organization, as cited by the Morning News, 100 million women and girls around the world have been circumcised.  It is called a rite of passage when it is performed on young girls as they enter puberty, although it may be performed at different ages according to the tradition.  The procedure may cause death, difficult childbirth, and serious health problems as well as infertility.  This is nothing less than female genital mutilation -not circumcision.  The rite encourages female dependency and preserves male dominance, the article stated.

2 An article in National Right to Life, March 30, 1994, reported that a Princeton demographer, using data comparing expected male/female sex ratios in various countries to the actual figures, estimates that 60 million women are "missing" worldwide.  A Harvard economist used different techniques to arrive at her estimate of 100 million.  The same article quoted an United Nations report that cited a study of 8,000 aborted fetuses at a Bombay, India hospital of which 7,999 were females. 

3 This is a statement I wanted to leave out, but to be faithful to all that God said through His Spirit, I included it.  We want to make the facts clear that God has not been in all the injustice, abuse, ill-treatment and violence against women.  As we have already seen, it is the work of her bitter enemy, Satan.  What I feel He was saying is that just as God permitted Joseph to suffer the rejection and hatred of his brothers, the false accusations, the slander, the injustice and neglect, so God has permitted His women to experience similar things.  The mistranslations and wrong interpretations of His Word have contributed greatly to keeping women bound and hindering them from coming into their destinies as daughters (even sons) of God.  But as a type of His Church, He will raise her up even as He did Joseph, for the Church cannot come into her full maturity without her.  It takes both men and women to bring forth the fullness of Christ in the Church.  It likewise requires the ministry of both men and women to bring the church to maturity.

4 An example of misinterpretation: For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels.  (1 Corinthians 11:10) In the margin of many Bibles, you will find this interpretation of the word power- a covering, the sign that she is under the power of her husband.  This is the same interpretation given by Vincent, a Greek scholar.  He gives this amazing commentary on the word power (exousia) in the above verse, where, according to him, it does not have the same meaning here as in other places: "Not in the primary sense of liberty or permission, but authority; used here of the symbol of power, i.e., the covering on the head as a sign of her husband's authority."  Here we have an example of tradition influencing interpretation.

The Greek word used in this verse for power is exousia, which literally means freedom of action ; the right to act; the right to exercise power.  This indicated the woman had a right to speak, to teach, to prophesy, to preach.  J. Sidlow Baxter in his notes on 1 Corinthians says, "The very 'authority' which she was to wear on her head (some form of head-dress then in vogue as the proper thing), other than being meant to advertise inferiority and subjection, was that which protected her right to speak."

I Timothy 2:15 is a verse that is very difficult to understand because of the way it is translated.  Erroneous teaching has been the result.  Women are not saved by bearing children but through the Child-bearing, that is, by the birth of the [divine Child.]  (Amplified Bible) Just as man is saved by Christ, so woman can know full redemption through Christ, the seed of the woman.

5 Revelation 22:18,19; Proverbs 30:6; Deuteronomy 4:2

6 Revelation 12:4b-5a, 13,17.


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