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 God's Word to Women has been working to improve resources for those suffering abuse or working with the abused.  PASCH, Peace and Safty in the Christian Home, is an excellent organization with an informative website.   GWTW has had a link to their website for years, but their information needs to be more visible on our site.  Therefore, we are posting some of their basic documents in the hope of reaching a broader audience.

What is PASCH



"The effect of righteousness will be peace, and• the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.
My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places." - Isaiah 32:17-18


PEACE AND SAFETY IN THE CHRISTIAN HOME is a biblically-based international network providing spiritual insights, practical resources and positive guidance to all those who in any way address domestic violence. Its outreach extends to victims, perpetrators, law enforcement, medical personnel, shelter workers, safe home providers, social workers, clergy, therapists and counselors. The primary emphasis is on God's pattern of peace and safety in the home and on the deterrence of domestic violence and abuse.

THE GOAL OF PEACE AND SAFETY IN THE CHRISTIAN HOME is to address and decrease domestic and sexual abuse in Christian homes through:

Prayer support by an international network of people desiring to see domestic and sexual abuse eliminated in the Christian home and community.
Collaboration by establishing a central place to link Christian individuals
and organizations already working to eliminate abuse.
Existing resources being identified and disseminated and developed where none exist.
Education and training to raise awareness of the biblical mandate for peace and safety in the Christian home and community.
Determining the extent of domestic and sexual abuse in the Christian community.
Resources that specifically provide solutions for abuse in Christian homes and communities.


Peace and Safety in the Christian Home seeks to look at both scriptural mandates and practical realities. The prophet Isaiah maintains that• peace in the home, safety and righteousness are the inheritance of the believer (Isaiah 32:18, 54:13-17), yet the promise cannot be claimed until the problem is identified and addressed. The very presence of abuse within the Christian family has often been denied.

Though abuse in Christian homes is as prevalent as in the general population, this tragedy is often concealed, minimized or ignored. Failure to address abusive situations leaves women and children in emergency situations to seek aid from professionals with a more secular or liberal bent. PASCH is committed to a Biblical approach with prayer as the foundation and integrity, excellence, innovation and creativity as our methods. We are also dedicated to the transformation of destructive behavior patterns in those who have abused and to the healing of Christian family life.


Symptoms of Abuse

Letter From President Cathie Kroeger

PASCH Membership Application


1095 Stony Brook Road
Brewster, MA 02631
P ASCH Phone: 508-896-3518
Fax: 508-896-6864

I will bring health and healing. I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and safety. (Jeremiah. 33:6)

Dear Friends,

Greetings! As friends of PASCH we wanted to let you know about the great response we had to our conference last spring that we held in collaboration with Gordon Conwell Seminary. Over 200 attended, coming from across the United States and six different countries. People were thirsty to learn about how they could-help decrease violence that arises in Christian homes. We are now seeking to finalize arrangements for ..future conferences and training events in 2007 and 2008.

Our Distinctive

PASCH adds a unique voice to the effort to combat domestic violence. Because we receive no government funding, we are free to deal with the difficult issues of family abuse biblically and in the language of the Spirit.

Kitchen Tables and Kids

So far, we have accomplished our mission through enthusiastic volunteers who so generously donate their time. These heaven-sent individuals maintain the website, format our lay-outs, engineer mass mailings, dispatch training materials, provide solace and comfort to survivors. They rally in significant numbers for conferences, help with exhibit booths, and lug display materials. Some of you may have guessed that even children are part of our volunteer corps when you receive newsletters with the labels and stamps stuck on at interesting angles!

 Time to Move On

The size and scope of our ministry now requires us to move beyond this homespun phase. We need paid staff to expand our mission and broaden our base. This is our most urgent need, and we ask you to join in supporting the work of PASCH with your gifts and prayers. Our goal is to recruit 500 founding members in the next year, and we are asking for you to become one of the first. Your membership provides you with our quarterly newsletters, and adds your voice to the corporate witness for Peace and Safety in the Christian Home. You can help us bring victims of domestic violence out of the darkness of abuse arid into the light and love of Christ.

Simply fill out the membership form and send it with your check to PASCH. May God bless you for your generous support!

Yours in Christ,

Catherine Clark Kroeger, president



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