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Worthwhile Projects List with Links 

Kenya has a serious problem with HIV/AIDS and malaria.  The high death rate from disease is complicated by the fact that polygamy is still practiced on a large scale.  This means that the death of one man can leave numerous widows with children.  If the death was from AIDS, the wife is usually infected and the children are on their way to being orphans.

These churches are standing against traditional culture and practices that go against God's Word.  They are serious in their commitment to the Lord and His work.  Many of their older people are already caught in polygamous marriages or are affected by their own illness or that of family members.  The hope for the future lies in the youth.  We met teachable men and women who are seeking God.  They heard the truth of biblical equality and will pass what they have learned on to others.  God lit a fire in this small part of Kenya.  We pray it will spread throughout the land.

The desire for private church schools is fostered by the poor state of public education.  Government -maintained schools are understaffed due to a hiring freeze designed to keep costs down.  Individual teachers have between 80 and 100 students.  The needs of children with social problems such as orphans can only be ignored in such overcrowded classrooms.  With the increasing number of orphans, the need to find a way to move these children toward happy and productive lives is critical.

Western Union appears to be the least expensive way to send cash donations.  $200 and under is $8.50 over $200 is a flat rate of $10.00.  (These figures are from Texas and may not be true elsewhere)

Click on project title to go to a full page description of each project.

Those associated with Kitale's Covenant City Church - Preach Christ Ministries:

Covenant Women's Fellowship Project - for HIV/AIDS widows and orphans and financial empowerment of women.  Contact Albert and Christine Onyango

Missionary to the Sudan, Judith Engesha   Contact Judith Engesha

Beyond Limitation - Christian rap group who have made a CD

Those associated with Mustard Seed Evangelical Ministries in the Bungoma area

Watoya Mustard Seed Project -  Contact Fred and Sarah Barasa

The Love of Christ Children’s Center and School - Contact Bishop Frederic Mulei

Those associated with Webuye

Motherland School Webuye- school founded by John and Sylvia Khaemba and supported by our host and hostess Wambeye and Loice Wafula

Gospel of the Kingdom Ministires Children's Home Brother Julius Mbayachi brought busloads to meetings in both Kitale and Webuye but the ministry to orphans is located closer to Webuye. 

For all areas:

Support for Pastors and Leaders - Their needs are great!

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