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Gender-Accurate Translation

We have received, from one of our viewers, a suggestion that God’s Word to Women might use in the Healing Words section, a more gender accurate translation.

Realizing many women are offended while reading Scripture, because they are unaware that masculine gender, should most often be translated mankind and does not refer to men only. In Genesis 1:26 some of the translations have corrected the language where it states “let us make man in our image”; in place of the word man, they have used mankind, since the word man in Hebrew here is neuter.

Our website exists for the purpose of making Christ known and the measure of grace He has purchased for women. His Word declares there is no male or female in Him! Our Lord never subjugated women to a lower position than men and broke all the rules governing the treatment of women. May the Holy Spirit heal the wounded, broken hearts of all women who have walked under this cloud of bondage.

There is much controversy regarding the “gender accurate” translations and problems arising from them, which sometimes reflect identification with the feminist movement. The words below are taken from Who We Are and:

Who we are not . . . We do not identify ourselves as feminists. Placing the word Biblical before feminist or saying Christian feminist does not solve the problem. The word feminist has come to be identified with a radical posture maintaining that women have few differences from men . . . We do adhere to the belief that women and men are, and have been, treated differently by our society, and that women have frequently and systematically been unable to participate fully in all social arenas and institutions, including marriage. We carry a sincere desire to change that situation, especially as that participation relates to ministry within the church, the home, and the Body-of-Christ-at-large.

We believe that much of the present-day attitude in the church toward women is identified with tradition and human precepts rather than Biblical truth. When the church is cleansed of denominationalism; human tradition; prejudice which includes race, gender status or class, bondage to culture and customs, then the church will be ready to demonstrate the unity and oneness for which our Lord prayed in John 17.

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