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Check out the following materials put up within the last couple of years!
12/9Have You Ever Wondered about Deuteronomy 25:11-12?
7/16Healing Words for July 2016
9/14GWTW College Course - Open Enrollment
5/13The Ministry of God's Word to Women
5/132012 Summer Newsletter
5/13The Mothering Heart of God by Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt
5/13God's Word to Women Information Booklet
10/12Ten Things Jesus Taught About Women (audio book)
9/12Ten Things Jesus Taught About Women, ch 1 (audio book)
5/12GWTW College Courses
3/12GWTW Magazine 2012 Spring
12/11Women's Ministries by Susan Stubbs Hyatt.
08/11First newsletter from new God's Word To Women leadership
08/11Drs Eddie & Susan Hyatt with Valarie Owen become new executives of GWTW.
07/11Women on the Frontlines (Colossians 4:15)
06/11The Great Falling Away
06/11Holiness to The LORD
05/11Keep Awake and Watch at All Times by Gay Anderson
05/11Gender-Accurate Translation by Gay Anderson
03/11Today When You Hear His Voice by Gay Anderson
03/11Don't Fight The Wrong Battles by Cheryl McGrath
03/11An Open Letter to Pastors by Alice S
02/11Joys of Muslim Women by Nonie Darwish
12/10Women and Scripture Compiled by Sandra Dufield
11/10Fighting Back Against Abuse by Kelly J. Stigliano
2/10Professor Kristin Kobes Du Mez, Assistant Professor of History at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan has graciously granted GWTW permission to reprint her article "Beyond Knights and Damsels" where she draws heavily upon the writings of Katharine Bushnell to respond to modern evangelical writings such as John Eldredge's Wild at Heart; Robert Lewis's Raising a Modern-Day Knight; James Dobson's Bringing up Boys; and Douglas Wilson's Future Men. Her upcoming book on Katharine Bushnell and Lee Anna Star, The Forgotten Woman's Bible, is due to be published in 2011 by Westminster John Knox.
2/10Susanna Krizo's newly released book is entitled When Dogmas Die: The Return of Biblical Equality. As a sample, please enjoy Chapter 12 of the book "Gal 3:28" published by permission of the author: click here. A special offer is now available for a limited time at Susanna's website: www.whendogmasdie.com Signed copies are only $12 (reg $21) plus Flat rate domestic US shipping of $3.95 for up to 10 books.
1/10Gender-Based Abuse: A People Problem or a Theology Problem? by Jocelyn Anderson, author of Woman Submit! Christians and Domestic Violence

1/10Carrie Judd Montgomery is the subject of an article by Jennifer Miskov.
12/09Our first GWTW chapter began this year in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya under the leadership of Sr. Gladys Masore along with her husband and pastor, Zaphania Masore. GWTW couldn't help but think why not? Jesus was born in a manger/stable, and our first chapter should be surrounded by humble beginnings as was GWTW at its founding in 1998. Can you believe a more insignificant place than the slums? Sr. Gladys just completed a Leadership Conference there on October 8-10, 2009 and is planning another one in December. Go here to see pictures of her and her husband and to read of her vision for the women of Kenya.

12/09In October of this year, our second chapter GWTW began in South India. GWTW begins there in humble surroundings. A new article about the work in India can be found here. If you would like to donate to this Missions ministry of GWTW, you can do so on the lower-right-hand-side of the home page
10/09Del Birkey has just completed a revision of his book The House Church: A Model for Renewing the Church (1988 Herald Press). The book is 20 years old and out of print, and many significant issues have arisen in our postmodern culture and the emergent church movement since then. New material has been added to define the house church both as the first-century New Testament model and as a worldwide reality. The revision is an eBook titled The House Church Book: Non Emerging New Testament Prototype. You can immediately find it online at www.TheHouseChurchBook.com. To help you become acquainted with the book you will find Dr. Dean Arnold's Foreword helpful, as well as a personal description of the content in Birkey's Introductory Word. Free, and available in PDF download, are two chapters—the first and last.
10/09Del Birkey, the author of The House Church Book passed away unexpectedly on May 13, 2009 at the age of 76, after suffering an intracerebral hemorrhage. (source)
10/09New page: "Who is God?"
8/09J. Lee Grady is editor of Charisma magazine and author of 10 Lies the Church Tells Women. Through his ministry, The Mordecai Project, he confronts the abuse of women and helps churches train and release women leaders. Visit www.TheMordecaiProject.com for more information. His recent article, Breaking Up the Good Ole Boys' Club is reprinted with the gracious permission of J. Lee Grady and Charisma Magazine, Strang Communications.
"It's time for us guys to drop our fears and our macho attitudes—and anything else we've used to stop our mothers, sisters, and wives from claiming their spiritual inheritance. I challenge you to open as many doors for them as possible." -Lee Grady [more...]
7/09A Woman's Place: Keeper at Home by Charis R. Hart. Have you heard of "a Titus 2 woman"? What is a "keeper at home"? Enjoy this Biblical word study which digs beneath the surface to reveal some surprising details about God's Calling upon women.
7/09The Spring 2009 GWTW Newsletter contains articles about why we were created, marriage partnership, and against female genital mutilation.
5/09Identifying Verbal and Emotional Abuse and Grounds for Divorce. Desiring to offer hope and healing to the abused, we introduce several new resources on abuse created by women who have personally been through the valley. They understand this topic intimately and have recovered strong voices to enlighten and equip others.
4/09The Spring 2009 GWTW Newsletter contains the following new articles:
  1. Are You Coming to the Wedding Banquet?  by Barbara Collins
  2. Betrothed to Another- Even Christ  by Gay Anderson
  3. God's Love for His Daughters  by Rev. Kathryn J. Riss, Th.M.
4/09"Journey's End" by Kathryn J. Riss, is more than a narrow focus on a few verses. It applies the entire sweep of Scripture to illuminate passages that have puzzled Christians for generations. These passages have too often been misused to hurt women which God never intended. Let Journey's End answer your questions and settle your heart! Kathryn J. Riss (M. Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Th. M., Princeton Theological Seminary) was ordained a pastor in 1992 with her husband, church historian, Richard M. Riss. A gifted preacher, she serves on the FISH Hospitality Program Board and as CORE coordinator for United Protestant Marriage Encounter, New Jersey. Click here to read an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Riss' Journey's End, Removing "Biblical" Barriers Between Women and their Destiny
1/09Scott Womble of Saint Louis Christian College has written a powerful book that will surely answer the "woman question" for you in 95 different ways. Chapter 5 will give you an idea of what the book is all about. Click here. For instance, "Male leadership often uses the 'headship' argument, which essentially says that if they give a woman permission to speak, teach, etc., then she can do so under their authority. The problem with a move such as this is that it places man as an authority over the Word of God. In other words, although a complementarian may be firmly convinced that the Word of God prohibits women from teaching and leading in the church, if he decides that an exceptional woman may do so, it instantly becomes permissible. The church must be watchful of people who place themselves over the authority of Scripture." That's good advice as is the entire 491 page book which sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. You may order directly from Scott Womble: tscottwomble@sbcglobal.net.
1/09The Winter 2009 GWTW Newsletter addresses the issue of Marriage and Cultural Foundations in new articles by Barbara Collins and Gay Anderson. Abuse in Christian homes is the topic of an article by Dr. Catherine Clark Kroeger.
1/09Here are links to a selection of blog entries from the GWTW blog related to marriage:
  1. "For this cause shall a man leave father and mother..."
  2. The formation of Eve (by a cleft) and "leave and cleave"
  3. Don't trust your husband!
  4. "she shall be saved through the child-bearing" (YLT)
  5. What if Eve had not followed Adam out of the Garden?
  7. The Maturing of Sarah
1/09MAdele Hebert, a friend of GWTW from Canada, wrote this article on "Jesus Was Angry". Should you as a Christian get angry? Who was the first person in the Word that was angry and why? The whole article will surprise you. Enjoy!
10/08If you are missing the latest newsletters click here for the archives. Due to technical failure we lost our mailing list, and we didn't have it backed up. If you would like to re-subscribe, you may do so at the "free newsletter" page.
10/08Should you desire an excellent curriculum on abstinence called "Priceless" by MariAnne Falls and Bethany Burkhall, please write to Shaunessy McNeely at Global Refuge (shau.mcneely@gmail.com). GWTW verifies the material, which is outstanding.
10/08Women of the United States, elections are November 4. Read about the very courageous women who fought for our right to vote here: "WHY WOMEN SHOULD VOTE!" Whether you vote Democrat, Republican, or "other" — remember to vote. Every time you do, history is being made.
9/08GWTW Missions Ministry: GWTW pledges to be a system that works well.   None of us are "for sale."  All money you give will not be "held up" for administrative fees but will go directly to the ministry for which you gave it.   Presently, we have proven contacts in the nations of Kenya, Nigeria, and Pakistan.  In all these nations, women are mistreated, not only by the governments, but many times that prejudice shows through the Christian church. Won't you give to this Missions ministry of GWTW? You can do so on the lower-right-hand-side of the home page
9/08Dr. Carrie R. Miles has recently written a guide which substitutes for the present one "Male and Female in Christ," which we have on the website and intend to keep. It's called, "New Man, New Woman, New Life – Bible Studies on Marriage, Family, and Gender." Take a look at this new guide at New Man, New Woman, New Life. Better still, run off a copy for yourself as a gift from Carrie.
9/08Barbara Collins and Gay Anderson address the issue of Abortion and moral decay in their new articles: Abortion: the Culture of Death by Barbara Collins and What if the Foundations be Destroyed? by Gay Anderson.
7/08David Fees' passed away on April 12, 2008. An apostle and prophet, Br. David made many trips to west Texas. He was one of the first authors on this website – "Breakthrough News for Women" and "Priscilla and Phoebe show us about Paul." At this second article, you may read his bio.
7/08Leonard Swidler has written a book, taking the name of the article on the GWTW website – Jesus was a Feminist. His original article is found at http://www.godswordtowomen.org/feminist.htm along with a book review by Adele Hebert.
7/08GWTW cannot thank Charis R. Hart enough for the building up of the Abuse section of this website. She has tirelessly labored to begin a journey that will be continued in the days ahead. Charis is the steward of the GWTW blog.
7/08"Healing Resources for those wounded by abuse." See new articles under this heading.
7/08"Educational resources." Theological perspectives. How should the church respond? Abuse defined. Historical perspective.
7/08"Testimonies of women who faced abuse." More uplifting and encouraging testimonies can be found here.
7/08"Testimonies of men who experienced transformation." Be sure to check out the new additions to this new segment.
4/08"Women in Leadership in the Kingdom" by Felicity Dale - an article first published on the House2House website.
4/08Rejoice! We now have a website to recommend to you that blogs only on Bushnell's GWTW book. Check it out. You'll like it! The web-servant, Charis, welcomes your comments.
4/08GWTW's Stand on Marriage: And the Two Shall Become One
2/08GWTW web site and newsletter hosted by Church Quest (new name "MEDIASERVE")

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