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Disclaimer: GWTW does not necessarily agree with the content of the links.

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These links are to really outstanding ministries. Take a look!
International Christian Women's History Project (ICWHP) international grassroots membership organization focusing solely on equity issues unique to Christian women in the Charismatic/Pentecostal/Revival communities. Articles and Dr. Susan Hyatt's dissertation which is a gold mine of information and references.
Hyatt International Ministries (HIM) Proclaiming Jesus Christ and taking Biblical Thinking & Spiritual Awakening to the Nations
Christians for Biblical Equality is an organization of Christians who believe that the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all racial and ethnic groups, all economic classes, and all age groups, based on the teachings of scripture as reflected in Galatians 3:28: This site has excellent resources including an online bookstore stocking hard to find books and materials
Church of God, DFW, has some excellent articles on Christian women's issues which are available on their website. Look under Articles and Women.
Women of God Joyce Tilney, Director, is a woman with purpose, helping women find their place in the Body of Christ and fulfillment in their lives. Through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Joyce ministers about women of yesterday who overcame by their faith in God, so that we can become overcomers today!
Lifeline is the ministry of Dee and Dave Alei. Dee is the author of Thy Kingdom Come and From Bondage to Blessing which is featured on the website.
Would you like to step out of the box and do something radical for God and walk hand-in-hand with Felicity Dale, author of Simply Church with her husband Tony? If so, go to www.WomenToWomenConnect.com.
GWTW website is hosted by MediaServe.
Dr. Jay Grady is considered to be a leading Christian authority in the area of verbal abuse and verbally abusive relationships. He has been a positive help to hundreds of desperate victims of verbal abuse.
FOCUS Ministries is devoted to offer hope, encouragement, education, and assistance to women who are struggling in difficult circumstances, especially dysfunctional marriages, spousal abuse, separation or divorce.
Peace and Safety in the Christian Home (or PASCH) is a loose coalition of academics, professionals, clergy and laypeople who are alarmed by domestic violence in the Christian home. PASCH has been formed to help the church face the unpleasant truth of abuse in homes of those who profess to be Christians where the problem has been denied, concealed, minimized or ignored and key organizations that focus on the Christian family have failed to address the issue. The website offers life giving advice for those in abusive situations as well as excellent articles and information on the issue.
ChangeMyRelationship.com Karla has a profound understanding of difficult relationships, providing hope for those who are hurting. Her messages are appropriate for every woman at any stage of life! She is an inspirational and down-to-earth speaker, ministering to the hearts and needs of women.
Women of Worth International Our mission is to assist Pastors and Women's Ministry Directors to start and maintain an effective Women's Ministry.
Empower International Ministries works alongside existing ministries in developing and historically non-Christian countries to promote biblical teachings on the equal worth and potential for unity among all human beings, regardless of gender, ethnicity, social, or family status.
End-Time Handmaidens and Servants, women, men, and young people, serve God in their homes, churches and communities and ministering in 107 nations.
A Woman's Voice International is a nonprofit human rights organization committed to defending the dignity of women worldwide. Our mission is to assist women in breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty that leads to victimization.
Great Southland Ministries actively assists in the equipping, training and release of Christian women for effective international ministry through WOMEN FOR THE NATIONS SEMINARS. Excellent articles on this site.
Precious Daughters is a non-profit organization whose programs impact women and children worldwide, bringing healing, peace and freedom. We are committed to helping women achieve personal renewal, while fulfilling their destiny and becoming all they are created to be in the Body of Christ. Current outreach programs include: Seminars and conferences, home for destitute children in India, and feeding the needy and homeless.
Leah's Sisters Since 1995 they have traveled to our sisters in the States and around the world, dispensing hope and healing the wounded. Their mission is to restore hope, rebuild broken lives, and raise-up women leaders. We recommend that you check out their Jireh Project - rebuilding Rwanda. It is an awesome vision.
Project Hannah brings hope to women of developing countries. Project Hannah (PH), Trans World Radio's innovative outreach to women by women, through the Women of Hope radio program is touching hearts and instilling the hope of Jesus Christ. "You are valued by God, Jesus died for you, and you can trust Him for salvation and for your life today" is the message that women across the globe are hearing–and responding to! Project Hannah expresses itself through prayer, awareness, and radio programming.
Biblical Awakening Blog Our purpose is to awaken the world to the inherent power of the God's Word and its message of our Messiah and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Egalitarian Christian Alliance is an excellent source for Egalitarian Christian Resources on the web. They also have active discussion boards and chat rooms
Fearfully Female and Wonderfully Woman is intended to encourage growth and the develpment of intimacy in Christian women's walks.

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