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God's Word to Women Website


WHO WE ARE... AND ARE NOT:  You need to know who we are and what we believe.

OUR MISSION:  Our mission statement is given here. 

CONTACT US:   Email link for an answer to all correspondence and an explanation of our policy on posting letters to the letters section.


ARTICLES BY TOPIC:  Offers numerous articles under each of the following topics:  Abuse, Apostles, Authority, Covering, Equality, Headship, Hierarchy, History, Marriage, Patriarchy, Releasing Women, Scripture Study, Submission, Subordination, Women in Church.
Articles are also listed by Title and Author.

SCRIPTURE STUDY:  Here, you may explore scriptures that reveal God's plan for women.  Passages where questionable translation or interpretation have been used to limit women's ministry and role will be examined in this ongoing study.

WORD STUDY:  Presents word definitions in an attempt to clarify difficult texts.

WOMEN IN HISTORY:  Provides information on women in church history that God has used to the glory of His kingdom.  The church’s view of women has changed over the years.  "History" takes a look at where we started, where we’ve been, and where we are now.

BIBLE WOMEN VIGNETTES:  Presents a series of vignettes on women based on the Bible.  These are stories  (not scripture study) where cultural information is taken and combined with deductions that can be inferred from the scripture to bring the characters to life.

BIOGRAPHIES:  Honors women who have served the Lord by telling the story of their lives and ministries.


HEALING WORDS:  Many are hurting from a multitude of causes.  When you read these words and let them sink into your spirit and touch the wound, our prayer is that you will be healed.

DEALING WITH ABUSEAbuse of women is a major problem worldwide.  We have separated the topic into four categories:   Abuse Among Christians, Verbal Abuse,  Sexual Abuse and the International Problem of Abuse.  You'll find numerous articles in each category.

TESTIMONIES:  Offers testimonies that contribute personal experience to one or more areas stated in the Mission Statement.

LETTERS: A place to post letters followed by our responses.  Your identity is protected care is taken with personal and sensitive material.


ONLINE BOOKS:  Books and booklets by Katharine Bushnell, including the complete text of  God's Word to Women and several others.  These rare books and booklets are priceless treasures.

RECOMMENDED BOOKS:  Books on various areas of our Christian walk with the Lord that we have found to be outstanding.

RECOMMENDED LINKS:  Links to other sites that address areas of our mission statement and provide further information or ministry opportunity.

SITE SEARCH:  A site search engine to help you find that for which you are looking.

TRANSLATOR:  Translates our site from English to Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Chinese or German

SITE MAP:  Explains what is found under each heading or link.

PODCASTS:  Podcasts are teachings  that you can listen to on your computer, an iPod or any MP3 player.  Pastor Azam Anthony from Pakistan gives his testimony on the only podcast where he tells about living in a 97 percent Muslim country along with his planned marriage.


CURRENT NEWS:  Links you to the current edition of our newsletter.

SUBSCRIBE:   How to subscribe to our newsletter. 

ARCHIVES:  Copies of the Newsletter from its inception in the summer of 2000.


ABOUT GWTW:   GWTW stands for the book God's Word to Women,  republished in the winter 2005,  includes a short bio of Katharine Bushnell along with notes on why the book was written.

ORDER FORM:   Sale of the book God's Word to Women provides income to maintain this site and to reprint the book.  This page has links for ordering  a copy of God's Word to Women as well as any other materials that we may have for sale. 


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