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About the Author:

Susanna Krizo was born in Sweden and raised in Finland. She has traveled throughout the world and now lives in the United States. A student of the Bible for more than 20 years, Krizo has done intensive study into the issue of equality including research into the Early Church Fathers collection, gnosticism, feminism, American history, church history, and Greek philosophy. She lives in Portland Oregon, with her husband and son. More of Krizo's bio, her blog, and autographed copies of her new book When Dogmas Die: The Return of Biblical Equality are available via whendogmasdie.com

Krizo's newly released book is entitled When Dogmas Die: The Return of Biblical Equality

From the Back Cover:

"What does the Bible have to say about the equality of men and women?
Can women hold leadership positions?
Was man created to rule?
Or are these ideas just distortions based on mistranslation, power, and tradition?

Susanna Krizo considers the biblical and historical facts surrounding one of today’s most contested issues as she tackles these very questions in “When Dogmas Die”. With a scholarly approach and substantial historical and biblical references, Krizo digs deep into the subject."

As a sample, please enjoy Chapter 12 of the book "Gal 3:28" (click here) published here in pdf format by permission of the author.
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