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God's Word to Women Podcasts  

You will need iTunes with Quick Time Player.  If you don't have it, Click here for a free download. 

Our desire is to make the truth found on this website available to as many people as possible.  For those of you who don't like to read, or don't have the time, here is another possibility.  We see someone celebrating a liberating insight while working out, driving to work,  folding the laundry, eating lunch--the list is endless. 

Podcast List with most recent listed first.

1.  Testimony of a Pastor from Pakistan  A Pastor from Pakistan visited Barbara Collins in Plano last August. God's Word to Women had a board meeting while he was there so we all got to hear his testimony. He agreed to share it for a podcast and here it is. He is the pastor of a Church and five outlying churches that have come from the ministry.

2.  Interview With a Pastor from Pakistan  This is a fantastic interview with a Pastor from Pakistan which gives an intimate look into the life and culture of Christians in Pakistan.

Interview with a Pastor from Pakistan Part 1 Pastor shares his vision for Pakistan, tells how God answered his prayer for a wife. He tells about his sons and extended family and the need for transportation to his six outlying churches. He describes the literacy and women's sewing programs of his Church and explains how they do street evangelism and more. Fascinating!

Interview  with a Pastor from Pakistan Part two of an Interview with a Pastor visiting from Pakistan. He discusses learning to relate in an arranged marriage and how they handle abuse. All of Pakistan can be reached for an hour twice a day through TV for $700 a month.


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