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Carrie A. Miles holds a doctorate in social and organization psychology. She is a senior research fellow at the Consortium for the Economic Study of Religion and is the author of The Redemption of Love: Rescuing Marriage and Sexuality from the Economics of a Fallen World.

Carrie grew up in the Mormon Church. Although her personal Christian involvement is now in the wider arena of evangelical Christianity, she maintains her contacts within LDS intellectual circles in order to better spread the Good News of equality in Christ. Dialogue, the journal that published this article, is not a publication of the LDS Church. Its readers tend to be those who question their own place within Mormonism

Carrie is married to Laurence R. Iannaccone who holds a doctorate in economics and is a professor at George Mason University. They have both studied the role of gender in the Christian church for over thirty years. They have two children.

Patriarchy or Gender Equality
gives a concise summary of Miles' work on Ephesians 5 and 6."



Patriarchy or Gender Equality?

The Letter to the Ephesians on Submission, Headship and Slavery

(Used by permission of Bravos, a division of Baker Publishing Group, copyright © 2006.  All rights to this material are reserved.  Materials are not to be distributed to other web locations for retrieval, published in other media, or mirrored at other sites without written permission from Baker Publishing Group (www.BakerPublishingGroup.com).

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