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Testimonies of women who faced abuse

A Woman's Place  - by Bernadine Tillman. This article is the introduction and first chapter of the book A Woman's Place which contains insights and experiences on abuse and how two years of a Bible study based on God's Word to Women changed her perspective. This book offers a fresh bold view and is a testimony to God's faithfulness to those who seek truth.

Healing After Abuse  - by Wanda Boone. An excellent article that notes rising incidence of abuse and the need for Christians to realize that coming to Christ is only the first step in healing. Faith in conjunction with work, discipline and determination are required for the work to be completed.

Sisters In Healing is an article about Mary Dunham Faulkner and how God led her to her ministry through Leah's Sisters, an organization committed to rebuilding nations through restored women. Here is a word of hope, encouragement and motivation.

Working Together to Listen and to Learn  - by Catherine Clark Kroeger. This article is the introduction to Healing the Hurting, Giving Hope and Help to Abused Women, Catherine Clark Kroeger and James R. Beck, Editors. It presents two cases to emphasize the pressing need to bring abuse in the Christian home into the open, acknowledge its presence, and deal with it.

No longer a victim - The testimony of Dawn Wilson reveals sexual, verbal, and physical abuse as well as Dawn’s attempted murder by her second husband. When she finally married Randy Wilson, their early years found Dawn lashing out in anger and abusive behavior at her husband and later on their young son. Dawn realized her need for deliverance from a spirit of anger. Soon, she left behind being a victim and became an overcoming victor through Christ. Presently, she and her husband Randy pastor a church and travel throughout the US and minister at Revivals and conferences.

Overcoming Sexual Trauma Freedom and wholeness does not come until you have experienced the essence of the fullness of the Godhead. You will never, ever want to be bound again.

The Rise of Abuse in the Last Days is Prophesied - by Charis R. Hart. "Much teaching out there on Christian marriage contributes to the potential for abuse and the high divorce rate among Christians. When I realized the error which I had heard and believed, I felt intensely betrayed. I was very cynical about His representatives, but God never left or betrayed me. He led me on a journey deep into Him and His Word."

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