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Healing Resources for those wounded by abuse

"Father's Love Letter" - from GOD to you (available in 82 languages)

What is PASCH?  - God's Word to Women has been working to improve resources for those suffering abuse or working with the abused. PASCH, Peace and Safety in the Christian Home, is an excellent organization with an informative website. GWTW has had a link to their website for years, but their information needs to be more visible on our site. Therefore, we are posting some of their basic documents in the hope of reaching a broader audience.

Beth Moore - brings a message of healing and hope which is transformational for broken-hearted women. Her anointed preaching, teaching, and writing ministry reaches across denominational and geographical divides of the English speaking world. Having been on a healing journey herself, Beth understands the travail of a wounded woman and patiently teaches women biblical truth which will set us free.

"Jesus Was Angry"- Is it right for you to be angry? Righteous anger is good because it motivates us to do what is right. Amazingly, Jesus never got angry with women and He was more severe with his male disciples than anyone else. This article provides a thorough look at anger. The reader will see the instances and motivation of Jesus' anger and the Biblical differences in Jesus' correction of men and women: He never rebukes women! He leads them ever so gently, no names, and no harsh critical words. In fact, Jesus always uplifts them, guarding their honor, hearing them, blessing them.

Message to the Desperate Wife  - In this article, the author of Prayers that Avail Much and seasoned intercessor and counselor, Germaine Copeland, gives Godly advice to those in abusive marriages.

Cloud and Townsend: Resources Which Speak Life - First Aid Kit of materials which provide a consistently hopeful, optimistic, and constructive approach to marriage and life struggles.

What about Divorce? - As painful as this may sound, there are situations where divorcing or "making one into two" is necessary and needed to save and preserve life. To save a person's life from the destruction of cancer, a surgical separation must take place. And as painful as it is, there are husbands and wives who are greatly corrupting their spouse and a separation must take place to save and restore them, before both are lost forever.

Identifying Verbal and Emotional Abuse and Grounds for Divorce. This is a collection of several new resources on abuse created by women who have personally been through the valley. They understand this topic intimately and have recovered strong voices to enlighten and equip others.

"They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony" Rev. 12:11

  -  Testimonies of women who faced abuse

  -  Testimonies of men who experienced transformation

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